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Peng Robert
hi Chene,

I'd like to answer all your questions. Could you kindly drop me a mail?

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Robert Peng
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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)
Hi Chene,

I assume this is your first house so which means you are able to get a max 80% loan subject to bank approval.
The 20% will be broken down to 5% cash and 15% cpf and/or cash.
The 15% most likely you would need to top up cash as you only have contributed for 2 yrs.
As this is your first property, you can utilise all your cpf.
The other cash portion would be stamp duty (paid within 2 weeks of signing OTP), legal fees (usually bank would subsidise it).
I would advise to plan out your finacial flow:
1) How much cash/cpf on hand?
2) what is the loan quantum you can get?
3) from the above 2, work out a comfortable budget and search for your new home.

Most people would be needing to plan out the cash portion.

Let me know if i am ale to assist you.

Stanley Soh
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