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Are you referring to new ECs? Firstly, new ECs are subject to certain eligiblity conditions namely

1) Max household income of 12K
2) At least 1 citizen
3) Family nucleus (eg. fiance fiancee)
4) No private property disposed in the last 30months

Does this affect your application? Please also note that you also have to physically occupy the unit for 5years after key collection of EC.

Imho, I feel the important thing is to look at whether there is infrastructure growth in the whole area, and what is the designated growth direction for the town. If you follow news developments of Woodlands and Punggol region, you can have an idea what the authorities are charting out in terms of the Town's identity and direction. All these are potential price drivers for any residential project in the area, since you have to be there for 5years at least, it will benefit your investment. Beyond that, it will be how confident you are in terms of Singapore's economic outlook in the medium to long term.

May I share with you the infrastructure developments of the EC areas you are considering? Thanks and hope to have the opportunity to understand your requirements further.

Warm regards,
Ivan ERA
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Hello Mr Tan!

Good day to you!
I’m Daniel Tan from Huttons.

It is very common for the URA to allocate EC plots in close vinicty. Therefore most EC available in the market are located next or very close to other EC developments.

The potential for EC located within close cluster will depends on the TOP of each development in the cluster, if the TOP for the projects are very close together, you might face more resale competition upon the 5th year (MOP) for resale to local/SPR and 11th year for resale to foreigner.

If you are looking for high investment appreciation, I would definitely recommend you the full private developments. As such projects have lesser restrictions on the buyers and sellers, therefore you will be more flexible when coming to resale of your unit.

Any other queries?
Please always feel free to contact me for a non-obligated discussion on how I can assist you with your real estate needs.

Have a great day ahead.

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Daniel Tan
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Hi Lucien, why choose to purchase EC for investment? Are you aware of the limitation of owning a EC? Do you like me to share with you the potential appreciation between EC and private condo.
I am reachable at my mobile or email.

CK Ang
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Hi Lucien, if you intend to purchase a property for investment purpose, then I would say a resale EC is obviously a better choice than a HDB unit.

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Hi Lucien,

In my opinion, EC is a better investment than resale HDB. Only Singaporean that meet the requirements can buy a new EC. EC is priced much lower than a private Condo, and it will eventually become a private Condo. The gain will definitely be there.

Best Regards,
KC, Propnex
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Robbie Chen Chee Howe
Hi Lucien,

Firstly, before you decide whether to proceed with a resale HDB or an EC, you need to know your own objectives.

Ask yourself these few questions:
How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
How will a HDB flat or an EC help you in archiving your objectives?
What is your next step going forward after the 5 years?

Only by asking yourself these questions then can you be clear on your decision making.

After you're clear on this, then you can proceed to source out the best possible outcome to your decision, and look into the finer details of things.

As for my opinion on outlook in terms of price for a development near a site with multiple ECs being clustered together, I would ask you to imagine yourself to be a BUYER of such a unit in 5 years time.

Again, ask yourself these question:
If condo A, B and C are just next to each other, with the prices comparable, what choices do I have? Will I have ample choices to choose from?

Should you need help in making decision, feel free to call me for a discussion. I will be glad to assist. I can be reached at 97486305  .

Best regards,
Robbie Chen
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