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Typically no, as its not allowed to be enclosed under URA regulations and MCST will enforce it.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

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-- HDB BTO 4rm Sellers Mr. Farvin & Ms. Sel --

We like to commend our realtor, Ivan Ng, whom we appointed as our exclusive agent to sell our flat in 2016.

Our estate had just touched 5 years MOP and had quite a number of competing units for sale, and we were concerned if we can secure a decent offer in the current slow market.

Ivan was the first agent that we met up with and right from the offset we had good vibes as he has a friendly personal approach, detailed working style and focuses on building the long-term relationship. Our unit comes with its challenges but Ivan remained positive and had no qualms committing to our plans right from the start.

It took only 6 weeks of aggressive marketing for him to secure a good offer which was a pleasant surprise in the end. Interestingly, the eventual buyer commented Ivan was the only agent who was respectful to his mum during his viewings, which helped with his decision.

Ivan was always responsive and we had no worries to pass him the house keys. The whole process was transparent and hassle free, and he was always thinking from our point of view on how to make life easier for the client. We are kept informed regularly on the profile of the viewers as well as their feedback. He was there for all viewings, timeline coordination, financial planning, valuation, inspection all the way to HDB completion appointment. He is a committed professional and has fast execution, so we felt assured that things are done well and we can entrust the sale process entirely to him.

We're looking to find an investment property next and will be glad to work with Ivan again for the long-term to restructure our property portfolio. He has become a friend now, and we are most happy to recommend his professional services to our loved ones and friends.

--- HDB Flat Upgraders Mr. & Mrs. Lee ---

We decided to engage Ivan as our agent as we were impressed with how he answered the enquiries on property guru website.

He has helped us to find our ideal unit and also sold our current unit. He was very patient and never pushy when we were looking for our ideal unit. He would tell us that it is always important to find a unit that we really liked.

When it comes to selling of our unit, he was always prompt in arranging for viewings and he also tried his best to arrange and consolidate the viewings due to our time constraints. He is a reliable and prompt agent and is always willing to clarify any concerns and questions that we have.

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Hi, agents will not know and can't guaraantee you anything. The best person to check with be your own management office personnel.

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When you add a room to an empty space, you increase the Built in/up area.

Most, if not all condos have max-ed out the GFA, allowed built up area.

hence if you create an enclosed room (4 walls + a door + roof), you add on the the already Max allowed sqft for the entire condo. This is a violation as far as URA and BCA are concerned. Hence it is not allowed.

However, there are cases, in very very old condos, where, during its development, the developer did not utilize the full GFA.

You would need confirmation/approval from BCA, URA, and the MCST before your can do so.

Hope this info helps.

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