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Dual key units will usually have 2 different door-facing directions. The sitting direction of the units ideally should be compatible to the residents of the unit.

A good Feng Shui house is based on (1) external environmental factors, (2) internal structure of the unit, (3) the balance of yin-yang and more.

A dual key unit house can be ideal as it gives more privacy and space to the occupants. In order for the unit to be considered to have a good Feng Shui, it has to have (1) no external environmental ‘sha’ energies and (2) no missing corners. The orientation of the house should also fit the home buyer and occupant’s birth information (i.e. Ba Zi).

Therefore, having 2 doors is not necessarily a bad feng shui house. A comprehensive Feng Shui audit can help you accurately assess the house and resolve any issues if any.

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