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Corner units at Blk 781 Pasir Ris Street 71 come with windows on the side and the main door. This is known as a point block.

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1) In general, as long as there is no window facing the corridor from the unit. It is considered a corner unit.
2) Therefore it is crucial for you to read the description to understand whether this is an interim corner or an actual corner.
3) On top of the description, you also can see the attached floor plan to have a better understand of whether this is worth physical viewing.
4) To add on check through all available photos to understand whether such layout should be classified as a real corner unit or just an interim corner.
5) If available information is insufficient to confirm, they will have to contact the agent in charge to ask for more information.
6) This was one of the main reasons why some buyers engaged an agent to do all this work for them.
7) Every profession has its reason for asking for a fee. Just like a lawyer, they are just there to send standard emails to various authorities for approval for any conveyance.
8) But was that only they do? They actually have to study the OTP, prepare an S&P document, scrutinize it if it was prepared by the other party's lawyer to ensure your interests are protected.
9) An agent has to go through all available listings that could be found in the market, go through them one-by-one before releasing them to their buyer. A lot of time and effort is spent to ensure their client can quickly identify their ideal unit.

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