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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)
Hi Mustafa,

Firstly have you fulfil the MOP of the HDB unit?
If have, are you still servicing the loan or have you paid up?
If still servicing the loan you are only eligible for 60% loan.
If you have paid up, then you are able to get up to 80% loan subject to ban approval.
Lastly, Are you a PR or SC? as with the new ABSD, SC are eligible up to 2 residential Properties without needing to pay the ABSD.
PR will have to pay the ABSD from the 2nd Property onwards.
Finally, its best to plan out your financial with a banker regarding your loan quantum and also planning your Avail cash flow and CPF Min sum if you are planning to keep your HDB unit.

Let me know if i can further assist you.

Stanley Soh
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Catherine PANG
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