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1. Given the market condition and the various cooling measures put in place by the government since July 2018, the en bloc market is expected to remain muted for the next few years.

2. There is currently no data available on The Taipan's land size on URA Space. You may purchase the land information from INLIS here: https://app1.sla.gov.sg/inlis/#/LP

3. Maintenance fees are calculated based on the share values. For example, if the per share cost in a strata title development is $50 and you own five shares, your monthly maintenance fee is $250.

Here are the share value allocations

Groupings Share Value
1 - 50 sq m 5
51 - 100 sq m 6
101 - 150 sq m 7
151 - 200 sq m 8

After subsequent 50 sq m share value is 1.

The Taipan starts from 936 sq ft which is equal to 86.96 sq m which has a share value of 6.

For The Taipan, the maintenance fee averages from around $300 onwards.

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