What is a BTO flat?

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Build to order (BTO) flats are HDB flats where construction will begin only if 65-70% of the apartments in the flat have been booked.  The construction will be aborted if this requirement is not met. 

BTOs have a wait time of three to four years from the date the construction begins. As the start time is dependent on when HDB receives enough applicants, the actual wait time may increase.

BTOs come in 2-rooms, 3-rooms, 4-rooms, 5-rooms and studio apartments.

BTOs also come with home design features. HDB provides the Optional Component Scheme (OCS) and the Universal Design (UD).



Optional Component Scheme (OCS)

OCS is offered on an opt-in basis and the cost of the packages is added to the overall selling price of the flat.

OCS is an added convenience offered to buyers of new flats under BTO projects and includes many features which can be installed into the flat.

Applicants will be able to choose the following items for installation into their flat;

1. Internal doors and sanitary fittings (from Sept 2012 BTO exercise onwards)

• Wash basin

• Water tap

• Shower mixer

2. Floor finishes for

• Living/dining room

• Bedrooms

Applicants will be able to make the following choices should they opt for OCS:

• Both the internal doors, sanitary fittings and the basic flooring

• The internal doors and sanitary fittings only

• Basic flooring only

• No opt-in for internal doors, sanitary fittings or basic flooring.

Applicants who apply for and after the Sept 2012 BTO exercise will also be able to decide on an open kitchen concept for flats at Teck Ghee Parkview. They can choose a partition wall between the living/dining area and the kitchen.

Universal Design (UD)

The UD is an initiate by HDB to create homes that are convenient and safe for a progressively ageing society. The features are prevalent inside the flat as well as within the vicinity of the flat.

One such feature is the seamless linking between blocks and to major activity hubs within the precinct. This extends to nearby amenities such as bus stops and traffic junctions.

Some of the precinct features include;

• Ramps

• Drop-off porch with ramp

• Seats

• Link bridges which connect multi-storey car parks to the residential blocks

• Handicap lots

• Family playground areas

The UD features for the blocks are as follows;

• Meeting spaces at the void deck to encourage community bonding

• Porches

• Seats at lift lobbies

• Lift Upgrading Programme

• Barrier-free access to every floor (where possible)

The UD features within the flat are as follows;

• Rocker switches mounted at a lower height

• Lever taps and door handles

• Water closet

• Safer clothes drying system

• Grab bars in the bathroom for the elderly

• Ramps at main entrance of flat, bathrooms and service yard

• Wider internal corridor, bedrooms and bathroom doors for convenient wheelchair access

• Low-height windows

HDB has ensured that the design and implementation are subtle and therefore blend in well with the overall design of the flat.

Interested applicants are invited to visit the show flats at Habitat Forum, BizFour 3rd Storey, HDB Hub.

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