PropertyGuru Agent Ratings and Reviews: How to Find A Trusted Property Agent in Singapore

Eugenia Liew
PropertyGuru Agent Ratings and Reviews: How to Find A Trusted Property Agent in Singapore
It may not be compulsory to hire a property agent in Singapore, but whether you’re looking to buy, rent or sell your home, chances are, you’ll need the help of one for your property transaction.
If you’re selling or leasing out your home, an agent can help you to list your property on various platforms (like PropertyGuru!), advertise it via various channels, and coordinate viewings for interested buyers. If you’re buying or renting a home, an agent can help you to search for suitable properties that check all your boxes. In exchange, they earn a small cut from the transaction.
To guide those in search of a trusted property agent, we are happy to share a new feature on our platform: Agent Ratings and Reviews.

How to Find A Trusted Property Agent in Singapore

With our new Agent Ratings and Reviews feature, users can leave ratings and reviews for agents they have worked with.
To search for an agent, visit our ‘Find Agent’ page. There, you can browse agents based on their expertise, either by region or property type. For example, if you’re looking for an HDB resale flat in Queenstown, you might filter for agents specialising in HDB flats in District 3.
On their profile page, you will find the property agent’s key information, such as their name, title, CEA registration number and agency license number. You will also see how many years they’ve listed on PropertyGuru, how many active property listings they have, and their reviews and ratings.
If you’re new to property seeking or selling, and are not sure where to start, our platform can guide you to finding a trusted agent for your needs.
Each rating will be out of five stars. Users leaving the feedback can also write a short review, and rate the property agents based on service quality, knowledge and expertise, marketing and negotiation skills and reliability.

How to Leave A Rating for Your Property Agent

If you’re a property owner who has worked with an agent to sell or lease out your property, we highly encourage you to spare two minutes to leave a review and rating. Same goes for property seekers who have enquired for a property and were serviced by an agent.
Granted, there is no ‘benefit’ for you to do so if you’ve already completed your transaction, however, it greatly helps others who are searching for a reliable agent. It’s all in the spirit of community!
Ways to leave an agent rating and review:
  • Directly via the agent’s profile page
  • Via the agent contact card on their listing pages
  • Through email or notifications (after you enquire for a property)
  • Contact your agent to request for a review link that will land you directly on the agent review form.
As mentioned above, you will get to write a short review, and if you have a bit more time to spare, add separate ratings for service quality, knowledge and expertise, marketing and negotiation skills and reliability. If you’re unsure of how to rate the agent, you may click the small ‘i’ icon for more information.

Do You Need A Property Agent?

Ultimately, answer to whether or not you need a property agent depends on your personal preference.
Typically, almost all property sellers and landlords will hire an agent. Otherwise, it would be quite challenging to find buyers and tenants and coordinate with them all. However, it is not compulsory to have an agent. Some property buyers and renters prefer to search for homes themselves, without a ‘buying/renting agent’. They simply contact the ‘selling/landlord agents’ representing the properties they found online and take it from there.
As you can see, having an agent can be very helpful, especially if you’re short on time, and are new or unfamiliar with the property market. All practicing property agents must take and pass the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course, which means they are certified experts in the field.
This sounds like a perfect arrangement if you can afford to pay for their service. However, as with any industry, there may be black sheep. For example, just in June 2022, a property agent was sentenced to 23 weeks’ jail and a $11,000 fine for cheating the buyer and seller of a flat in order to receive double the commission.
This makes it tricky because buying and selling a property are major transactions, often involving six- to seven-figure sums. As such, the most important criteria for hiring an agent are often trustworthiness and reliability. With our new Agent Ratings and Reviews feature, we hope to solve this problem by tapping on honest feedback from objective consumers like you.
Start searching for a property agent or leave a rating and review now!
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More FAQs on Property Agents in Singapore

The best way is to look for accredited property agents with good reviews and/or recommendations from friends, family, and sources you trust. PropertyGuru also has a new agent ratings and review function to help.

All property agents listed on PropertyGuru are registered, and you can find their CEA registration number on their profile and in the property ads they post. You can check this number against CEA's public register.

It is not compulsory to have a property agent in Singapore, but it is highly recommended. Most buyers and sellers do hire an agent to help with the transactions.