6 Home Storage Solutions For Small Bedroom Spaces

Cheryl Chiew
6 Home Storage Solutions For Small Bedroom Spaces
Home storage solutions are essential for those who want their sleeping space to have a clean, minimalist look. No matter how much you declutter, it’s likely you’ll still own items that have to be stored away. They could be blazers and more formal dresses which aren’t used frequently, or daily use items with packaging that clashes with your home’s colour palette.
Achieve the minimalist bedroom aesthetic more effortlessly by keeping things hidden in nifty home storage solutions. Here are some tips to optimise your storage organisation for you to achieve your dream space.

How You Use Your Bedroom Affects Storage Solution Types

Before you start adding storage and organisation units to your bedroom, consider how you use your room. For example, compare the needs of a homeowner who will live in their home for the long-term and a tenant who is on a short-term lease and is renting a single room in a shared HDB flat.
The homeowner can afford to use their bedroom only for rest, whereas the tenant might have to also use their sleeping quarters as a home office. This means the tenant might need to fit a study table, wardrobe and bed into their small living space. The tenant is likely unable to buy big pieces of furniture.
So the homeowner can afford to install a king-size storage bed as they have the space and do not have to consider the trouble of moving heavy, bulky furniture frequently. Whereas the tenant will want all their furniture and decoration for their rental home to be light and mobile.

Types of Home Storage Solutions

1. Double Up Your Dresser as a Vanity

Stylish room interior with chest of drawers and round mirror
Adding plants is a great way to decorate and create a homely feel
Opt for double-duty furniture pieces. Fix a large mirror to the wall behind your dresser wall to create a standing vanity. If you have a TV, you can place your television on top of the dresser and have it double as a TV stand. Get storage dividers to improve the organisation of each dresser compartment.
Pretty up the countertop space by displaying your favourite accessories, perfumes and/or makeup on gilded trays or woven mats. But make sure to select only your favourites; you don’t want your space to look cluttered.

2. Buy a Storage Bed for More Storage Options

A large bed of white oak with a lifting mechanism. Bed with lifting mechanism.
If you know you are going to be short on space, buy a storage bed. Benefits of a storage bed include:
  • Less dust in your room (as dust can no longer collect under your bed)
  • More mattress support for better stability
  • More storage space
And should you have last-minute guests come over, you can perform a quick 5-minute ‘clean up’ by temporarily stashing your mess away.
Storage bed dimensions tend to be higher than conventional beds. Common storage bed designs include hydraulic lift mechanisms and roll-out drawers. Browse for affordable options at furniture stores in Singapore and other Singapore-based retailers such as Furniture SG, Megafurniture, FortyTwo, Spaceman and Bedandbasics.

3. Buy Boxes to Hide under Your Bed

If storage beds are too bulky, try storage boxes. Source
If you feel a storage bed is too expensive or difficult to move around, try purchasing storage boxes to stash under your bed.
IKEA has various storage and organisation solutions, ranging from polyester and cloth zip-up storage boxes. The furniture retailer also has lidded clear plastic and rattan boxes and particleboard pull-out units on wheels.

More Storage Solution Hacks for Small Spaces

When comparing the floor plans of HDBs built before and after 1997, it is observed that HDB flat sizes have become smaller. Likewise, room size trends for recently-built condominiums have followed suit. If you have a small bedroom, here are some tips you can include to increase the amount of storage space you have.

4. Replace the Bedside Table with Compact Drawers

Forgo a bedside table and install shoe cabinets above your bed and have them double up as a headboard. Source
Traditional bedside tables are bulky, tiny, square-shaped. Opt for a compact chest of drawers or fix a shoe cabinet to your bedside space instead. The advantage of shoe cabinets is they typically open at a 45-degree angle, which allows those with small rooms to maximise their available vertical space.
You can source for on-wheels shelving options that you can pull-out too. Source
Another option is to install a set of drawers behind your headboard. This way, you can tuck away items such as bed sheets, pillowcases and bags into your bedside ‘table’.

5. Create Different ‘Levels’ with a Loft Bed

Installing a loft bed is an impermanent solution that allows you to maximise your square footage. Source
Loft beds allow those who use their bedrooms for work and rest to separate their home office and sleeping areas. The standard HDB flat height is 2.6 metres from floor to ceiling. Under HDB renovation permits and guidelines, the minimum required height is 2.4 metres.
Before purchasing a loft bed, measure the distance between you and the ceiling fan (if you have one). Also, ensure you can sit up comfortably in your bed with a considerable gap between your head and the ceiling when you sit up.

6. Make Use of Wall Space for Vertical Storage

Beautiful white shelves with different home related objects
Fixed open shelving is one way to show off a curated collection
For small rooms, think about building flat and upwards. Take advantage of the space on your walls by installing fixed or floating shelves. Closed shelving works best for those who have many small knick-knacks and items of clashing colours.
Open shelving can double as decoration and be a way to add personality to your room. For instance, you can display same-coloured items only.

Storage and Organisation For Your Bedroom

Many favour minimalist bedroom designs as the clean, uncluttered look appeals to them. However, aesthetics is only one part of the concept. Minimalism is about intentional living, removing distractions and choosing quality over quantity. That’s why minimalism looks different for everyone. So, determine what you need and store the rest!
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More FAQ about Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Tips include using the same light colour on your walls, floor, and ceiling, choosing a low-slung bed frame, and having hidden home storage solutions.

Place your bed in the centre of the most visible wall.

Decoration options include picking a statement hanging light fixture, using bright colours and hanging art on the walls, and using framed mirrors to decorate and add light.

Use vertical storage and floating shelves, and store things under your bed.

Assign a fixed spot for everything. Declutter if possible. Then, arrange and store items via the frequency of use. Make of the storage space under your bed storage.