Co-living Singapore: 3 Best Co-living Spaces in Singapore to Consider

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Co-living Singapore: 3 Best Co-living Spaces in Singapore to Consider
Co-living in Singapore is rapidly expanding as more developers and investors aim to meet the increasing demand for community-driven and flexible living solutions.
Popular among millennials, expats, and students, these fully furnished apartments offer shared living spaces, coworking spaces, kitchens, and lounges. Driving demand for co-living in Singapore are factors such as rising rental costs and the desire for social interaction and networking opportunities. The Singapore government is also supportive of the concept, recognising its potential to encourage innovative living solutions and address housing needs.
Here, we present three cutting-edge developments in the city that are at the forefront of the co-living Singapore trend. Each of these properties offers distinctive features and amenities that cater to the contemporary lifestyles of its residents, providing a glimpse into the future of co-living spaces in Singapore.

1. 138-142 Jalan Besar by The Assembly Place

138-142 Jalan Besar by The Assembly Place.
Located in the historic Jalan Besar district, this unique shophouse property pays homage to an integral part of our country’s heritage. The co-living space in Singapore underwent major restoration work to return the shophouse to its former glory, while also creating a purpose-built co-living space on the upper floors.
The co-living space on the upper floors offers ample communal areas for residents to appreciate the building’s unique history and charm. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, special attention was paid to the shopfront and five-foot way, enhancing the energy of the streetscape with a thoughtful commercial frontage intervention. One of the key architectural features is the second-storey façade windows, which have been carefully reconstructed to their original state.
Such care and attention to detail impressed the judges at the APA(S) 2022, which awarded 138-142 Jalan Besar with Best Heritage Co Living Space. The panel noted that "communal areas reside with private living spaces on upper floors, with traditional wooden floors and staircases brought back to life and timber shutters giving the façade a sense of history”.

2. The Assembly Place, A Co-Living Hostel @ Perak by The Assembly Place

A Co-Living Hostel @ Perak by The Assembly Place.
The Assembly Place, A Co-Living Hostel @ Perak is a purpose-built hostel that pays homage to the area’s rich history, resulting in a unique and eclectic character. Ample communal areas encourage social interactions, and each room has its own attached bath, a rare find in hostels.
The vintage and old-world charm is achieved through the blend of modern and rustic concepts, with the old charm shapes and forms infused with modern geometry and arches. The use of contrasting shades of green against a neutral backdrop creates a playful and colourful atmosphere.
The project was recognised by judges at the APA(S) 2022 with a Highly Commended accolade in the Best Heritage Co-Living Space category. Developer The Assembly Place also won the Best Co-Living Operator award, showcasing its commitment to providing a top-notch co-living experience that celebrates the history and culture of the area.

3. Hovoh Homes by Hovoh Pte Ltd

Hovoh Homes by Hovoh Pte Ltd.
Hovoh Homes provides a unique co-living experience in Singapore’s preserved pre-war shophouses. The careful conversion of the 1938 commercial shophouses along Rochor Road into 30 pied-à-terre units highlights the importance of preserving the original architectural characteristics of the island’s historic buildings.
The three-story shophouse-styled building boasts French windows with timber frames and louvre shutters for natural ventilation, while the units offer spacious and comfortable co-living accommodations with a high floor-to-ceiling height. This creates a blend of heritage architecture and modern amenities for a sustainable living experience.
Hovoh Homes was awarded the Best Co Living Space at APA(S) 2022 for its "Zen-like boho-chic ambience that enhances the charm of the preserved architecture".
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More FAQs About Co-living in Singapore

Co-living is a way of community living where like-minded people live together to share service, rental, and living costs.

Yes, it is. As with any business in Singapore, co-living operators will have to meet several requirements.

Renters typically have greater privacy and control over their living environment. Depending on their budget, renters can rent a space that is their own. For those in a co-living environment, they usually share living and common spaces like kitchens.