Buyers Viewing Checklist

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Buyers Viewing Checklist
Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to buying property for your own stay. Firstly, is the asking price within your budget? Are the location and layout ideal? And definitely not forgetting the neighbourhood – make sure to keep score of its amenities.
Now, that is quite a lot to keep at the back of your mind during a viewing. Unless you have photographic memory, it is very likely that you will not be able to recount the details of the first house you viewed after the third or fourth viewing.
Understand that you can never be too prepared when it comes to house viewing, and a detailed viewing checklist will come in extremely useful in this case. Simply click on the link to download our essential Buyers Viewing Checklist, and start checking items off the list during your next viewing.
Click on the image to see the full checklist.
To make it easier for you to compare between the different houses at a later stage, assign a score for the various aspects, such as interior and exterior condition, layout design, nearby amenities and furnishing (if any) either during the viewing or shortly after it. This is to ensure that your survey of the house remains fresh while you take stock of it.
Secondly, never rush through a viewing session. In order to get a good feel of the place, you need at least 20 to 30 minutes. Take your time to walk around the house, and check out all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the storage room if there is one.
Try imagining how you would arrange the furniture if you were to stay there. Can you retain any of the furnishings or fixtures such as the floor tiles, built-in cabinets, or feature wall to save on renovation costs? If the layout is an irregular shape, can you work around it or will you end up having wasted space? Remember to jot down these details on your checklist as you give the house a mental scanning.
If you are concerned about having the afternoon sun in your room, bring along a compass or install an app on your phone to map out the direction of the sunrise and sunset in the various rooms, to have a rough indication. Of course, the best way to find out is to arrange a viewing during the late afternoon.
For those who plan to rent the place, you may want to make sure that it is equipped with home facilities such as a water heating system, internet access, air-conditioning, and household appliances like a washing machine, electric stove and refrigerator.
After touring the house, do spend some time walking around the neighbourhood too. Assess the distance from your potential home to the nearest bus stop or MRT station, and check out nearby supermarkets and food centres. These nitty-gritty details will surely have an effect on your daily life should you purchase the property, so it is essential that you pay attention to them before making a decision.
Lastly, go into each viewing session with an open mind. Do not limit your choices to only one particular type of design or layout. Your dream home may be a diamond in the rough – waiting for the right touches to be added. Hidden treasures are usually found when you least expect them.
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