Words from the true Property Guru himself, Ismail Gafoor

09 March 2016


As CEO and co-founder of Singapore’s largest home-grown property consultancy, Ismail Gafoor’s name is easily one of the most recognized within the local real estate industry.He has been in the business for two decades, authored books, been interviewed on TV, conducted seminars and spoken at major property events, and currently leads a team of over 5,500 real estate salespeople. 

Yet he behaves with nary an air about himself, his friendly, unassuming demeanour the first thing one notices about him. The father of three speaks candidly about his experiences in the real estate market, maintaining a positive attitude towards his career, as well as life in general.


Behind every successful man is a unique success story, and this is no exception form Ismail Gafoor, one of the most recognizable names in Singapore property, as well. PropertyGuru News & Views spoke to the man himself in February.


Here are five quotes from the true Property Guru himself on his beliefs that continues to help him drive success till this day:


  • “I would say it is really understanding clients’ needs instead of just wanting to make a sale. I think it’s a very simple formula: it’s about loving people. When one makes it a point to be passionate about his job and to have a loving heart, (you will appreciate) everyone.”


  • “Skills are important, but so are team cohesion and mutual respect. When a working environment is harmonious, people go out of their way to contribute.”


  • “My philosophy is this: the day the company fails to add value to people is the day people should leave and go elsewhere, for the sake of their loved ones.”


  • “Everyone will say he is passionate about his job, but I am obsessed. I think there are different levels of obsession, and it’s hard for people to keep up with me when I put my mind to something.”


  • “It can’t be pure obsession; there must be massive action put into what you want to achieve. I believe that is what sets me apart.”



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