5 Things New Property Agents Need to Know

21 July 2016



5 Tips for New Property Agents


There are some misconceptions that any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a property agent. But what are the traits that you need to make you stand out from the crowd? PropertyGuru has done some poking and talking to the real crowd to get you some answers. So if you are an agent starting out, buckle up and pay attention to these tips!


1. Motivation and an Entrepreneur’s Spirit


The first thing you need to know as a property agent is that you do not have a boss anymore. You don’t have a superior to arrange your schedule for you and tell you what to do, and most importantly, you don’t have a tidy sum of money in form of salary being banked into your account at the end of the month anymore!

This in itself is a big motivation – but hard work alone is not going to pay off. You will need some entrepreneurs’ skills otherwise all you are ever going to get are miserly crumbs from the big boys up there. Learn from your seniors, attend your trainings and have a buddy system with an experienced senior to learn from them!


2. Communication Skills


This is one of the most important skills that you will need as a property sales agent. After all, if you cannot communicate the unique selling points to your buyer, you will be hard pressed to get the sale unless your customer can truly see the value in your proposition. You will need to articulate your knowledge, making repayment plans and loan options sound as simple as possible.

Aside from good speaking skills, you need to have acceptable writing skills as well. Imagine if you were to send an email proposal to an interested client, but they cannot make head or tail of what you are trying to say. Or perhaps if they have approached a few different agents who have also sent them email proposals, they will choose the one with better writing skills on the assumption that they are more professional.



3. Personality


All the skills in the world are not going to help you if you have a bad attitude and personality. If you look around you, all the best property agents have a charismatically charming look about them, and they are the most helpful and humble agents around – or at least around clients. Clients love them, trust them and are remarkably relaxed around them, trusting them with all the details.

When you go for your training, your seniors will tell you that this skill is called ‘building rapport’. While some agents seem to have a natural flair for charming their clients, this is not a skill that cannot be learned. If you are one of those who are not blessed with this skill, it may take you just a bit longer to learn. But if you observe, learn from your mistakes and practice, you can become a great agent too! Trust us, we have seen close-mouthed agents turn to millionaires at PropertyGuru!


4. A Professional Appearance


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You can learn a trick that was taught to us by a top ranking agent was: Look at the situation, where you are meeting them, and dress the part. Surprised? Well, look at it this way. You are going to look ridiculous in a 3-piece suit if you are meeting your client in a coffee shop.

But this doesn’t mean that we are asking you to go out and meet your client in Bermuda shorts and singlet either! What we mean is that, you probably want to dress in a more smart casual manner to put your client at ease as well.

Blend into the situation but hold yourself professionally. If you are meeting them in a corporate firm, you’ll probably want to put on that 3-piece suit. If you are meeting them at the property, depending on where it is, you might opt for either a 3-piece suit or an office shirt with office slacks. But if you are meeting them at a coffee shop, do yourself a favour and stick to a good looking Polo T-shirt and a nice pair of pants.

Another tip from the agent? Always keep an office blazer in your car for unexpectedly formal meetings!



5. Organization / Time Management Skills


All the talent in the world is not going to help you if you are lousy at keeping up with your workload. We have met agents who don’t set enough time between their first and next meeting, who don’t take into account traffic delays and client tardiness, and then become late for their next meeting – and when you are late, you make a bad impression.

All these little problems can be solved with a neat little timetable. And what many people don’t know is that with a well organised schedule will leave you with an unbelievable amount of free time. And if you are forgetful, technology is here to help. Set reminders on your phone.

So here is what you do. Write down in a calendar which you will see everyday all your appointments, and the night before, review your next day’s activities. That way, you will wake up with a clear mind and will only need to follow your schedule to stay on track.

These are by no means all the skills you need to become a successful property agent, but they are certainly some of the more essential ones.

Images: Sourced from propertyware.com, villarojales.com and businessdataprocessing.com


This story was originally published on PropertyGuru Malaysia, Malaysia’s leading property site.