Proper(ty) Tips from Industry Veteran

14 January 2016


Business is never smooth-sailing. Like any other industries, the property sector experiences a sea of ups and downs, differentiating the successful agents from the mediocre ones.

Armed with almost two decades of experiences in the property industry, Marcus Chu, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ERA Realty Network, discovered his passion for property and entered the industry in April 1996 when the market peaked. To aid himself in his professional progress, Marcus diligently attended all of ERA’s training programmes and soon became the first ERA salesperson in 1997 to earn $550,000 in a year, a record that remained unbroken till recently.

Exuding confidence in humility, Marcus attributed his success largely to the strong support of his ERA team. He also revealed how his principles have propelled him to think like an elite warrior and persevered his way to success.

Here are some of his mantras on his journey of building success in his property career:

  • Certain people have to experience failure in order to experience success. Starting from zero is not necessarily a bad thing. You can fall to ground zero and things may look bad, but it will only get better. What can be worse when you have gone through flames of hell?


  • A lot of people talk, but it’s better to be in the race, your success is dependent on three things: ambition, attitude and action. Ambition drives you towards an attitude, and you have to put those things into action – not tomorrow, but now.


  • It’s said high tides raise all ships. I say low tides show all the dead fish. If you are a good agent, you will be a fish in the deep waters, and there will be more opportunities in such times.


  • Life is a full circle. If you want to slim down, you cannot just exercise. You need enough rest, you need to eat right. (In the same way), if you spend too much time on your career, it will affect other aspects of your life. So be mindful of the limited time you have, choose to live a full life.



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