Characteristics of a Successful Property Leader

09 December 2015


With market transactions falling significantly in the past 2 years, life isn’t a bed of roses for Singapore’s property agents. There is no single formula for success in the challenging property market but there are core personality traits that help property leaders to achieve their great successes today.


39-year-old Francis Tan, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of property agency SLP Scotia, left a cushy job and stable income to sell property in his 30s, a decision which significantly changed his life for the better. It was never a gamble as Francis meticulously did his homework before he became a founding partner of SLP Scotia, which has grown to become one of the top 10 largest agencies in Singapore, according to data from the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).


Here are some tips on how Francis stays on top of his game:

  • You believe in the concept of cooperative competition to achieve mutually beneficial results, known in business circles as “coopetition”. It is also about learning from the best and mixing with a positive-minded crowd.
  • You need to think more positively. This means being able to deal with setbacks and see the good side in a bad situation.
  • Surround yourself with positive results.
  • Create a roadmap to success. Our reasons for joining the real estate industry and financial goals are all different.
  • Find a successful mentor and try to emulate him or her.
  • Treat your clients as potential friends. Listen to their problems and give unbiased advice on what properties they should buy.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels and always work harder to achieve higher commission. You decide your own paycheck.
  • Always put yourselves in the shoes of buyers and sellers. Never misrepresent to a client because the truth will catch up.
  • Never undercut another agent. Stay professional and compete in a cooperative way.


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