Sengkang East Avenue

About Sengkang East Avenue

The Sengkang East Avenue is a multisided lane stretching over a length of one kilometre. It is located in Sengkang and is one of the most important and frequently used lanes in Sengkang. Now let us know something about the history of Sengkang. Sengkang was once a thriving port area, with fishing villages and rubber plantations being the mainstay of the economy of the region. Because of these features, Sengkang's name that literally means "prosperous harbour" in Chinese is quite justified. Today Sengkang HDB estate has a young and prosperous residential estate. This residential area comprises almost 40,000 residential units, most of them being apartments and flats. Over 138,500 people reside in these modern residential units, with the numbers expected to increase voluminously in the coming years.


As already mentioned above, the Sengkang east Avenue is a dual sided road providing independent two way travelling. This road is one of the frequently used roads in Sengkang. But, it has less traffic jams. Thanks to the proper planning of the Government. Also, there are around 12 Housing Development Board blocks near the road with several HDB units which offers units with several bedrooms. These HDB blocks serve residence to hundreds of people. Sengkang has a minimum postal code of 545051 and a maximum postal code of 540280.  Moreover, the residents of the HDB blocks have easy access to all basic amenities required for urban living. The HDB units have easy access to road and railway transport. This makes it quite easy for the residents to access any point of the town using road as well as railway.


The road itself has several MRT stations within a distance of a kilometre. The Serangoon MRT station, Lorong Chuan MRT station and Bartley MRT station serve the people day and night. Also, there are several educational institutions located near the road. Tis makes it easy for the HDB residents to access them. Almost all the institutions mentioned here are located at walking distance from the HDB units.


Educational institutions:

  • Yuxan School
  • Apple Tree
  • Anchor Green Primary School
  • Stag Match Tuition Centre
  • My First Skool
  • My world
  • Palm View Primary School


It is already mentioned here that the town planning promotes urban lifestyle. Urban lifestyle is incomplete without restaurants, dine out centres, shopping malls and clubs. There are several places like these near the locality.


Dine out centres:

  • Indian Food
  • Food Junction
  • Chang Cheng
  • Soup spoon
  • Paradise hotpot
  • Pezzo
  • Maki san
  • Yoshinoya
  • ThaiExpress


Shopping centres:

  • Sri Murugan Trading Pte
  • Ezmax Asia
  • East Avenue
  • Fair Price Sengkang
  • 7-Elevel
  • Blessing store
  • Value max pawn shop
  • Wet market
  • Velan mini super mart
  • Xin Xuan Flowers
  • Samar industries
  • Compass one
  • Havaianas


In any kind of settlement, there are few must have facilities kike police stations, fire stations, healthcare centres and ATMs. The HDB residents near the Sengkang East Ave enjoy easy access to all these facilities. There are several hospitals located near the locality.


Healthcare centres:

  • Institute of Mental health
  • Sengkang Community Hospital
  • Sengkang General Hospital
  • Northeast Medical Group


Also, there is a neighbourhood police station located near the road. The Sengkang Neighbourhood police station is less than two kilometres from the intersection. The Sengkang fire station is located with two kilometres from the intersection. This makes it easy for the fire persons to reach the locality in case of any emergency. Again, the HDB residents living near the road will have easy access to parks and recreational centres. The Punggol park serves as a great place for spending time for people of all ages.


Sengkang East Avenue connects with several streets such as Sengkang West Avenue, Anchorvale Lane, Anchorvale Road, Anchorvale Link, Sengkang East Road, Sengkang Central, Compassvale Link, Compassvale Road, Compassvale Lane, Punggol Road and Rivervale Drive.

HDB Blocks

BLK 279C
Sengkang East Avenue, 543279
BLK 281B
Sengkang East Avenue, 542281
BLK 282A
Sengkang East Avenue, 541282
BLK 282B
Sengkang East Avenue, 542282
BLK 282C
Sengkang East Avenue, 543282
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 11
Sengkang East Avenue, 544804
HDB Blocks Picture
Sengkang East Avenue, 544740