Buangkok Crescent

About Buangkok Crescent

Buangkok Crescent is located in Hougang which is a popular area among property buyers due to the advantageous location as well as the facilities of the luxurious condominiums and HDB estates that are provided to the residents. The value to the area is added further by the presence of terrific weather conditions as well as the soothing ambience that the region provides. The area has also its own unique architecture which is the presence of large and semicircular balconies. These kinds of balconies in every unit are not seen outside of this region. Another best thing about this place is the availability of a variety of food options.


Buangkok Crescent has a total of 22 blocks that has a total of 2151 HDB units present. The area oldest construction was done in 2003 and the newest in 2012. The postal address ranges from 530977 to 539999.  The units have a layout of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom flats. Units were built between 2003 and the latest in 2012. The flats are appropriate for renting purposes of students who form the majority of the population here due to the presence of several popular colleges and universities.  The units are well designed for efficiency and are well maintained from time to time.


Buangkok Crescent is easily accessible by several highways and roads that connect it with the rest of the prominent places in the city. There are even options for hiring taxis or car rentals. Residents of this area also have access to public bus services that are operated by the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and Singapore Bus Service (SBS). The buses available are frequent in numbers and come very often so the residents don’t have to wait for long. Some of the bus services are bus no-979A, 979C, 980A, 980B, 981A, 982 and 986A. For residents who prefer to travel via MRT’s some of the major MRT stations are just within a kilometer radius. Some of the stations are Hougang MRT Station (NE14) and Buangkok MRT Station (NE15).


Primary Schools

These schools are located at a walking distance so parents can just as easily drop the kids to school on their way to work. The schools impart high quality of education and the parents will be satisfied because they can have no troubles with the transportation issues as the schools are located just in the neighborhood.

  • Hougang Primary School
  • Xinghua Primary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Primary School

Secondary Schools

  • Bowen Secondary School
  • Holy Innocent's High School
  • Montfort Secondary School


Tertiary Institutes

Many college students find it difficult to find suitable places to live when they set out to find proper living quarters in order to pursue higher studies. This place is perfect for such students as the proximity of these institutions means the students can save a lot of time, money and effort during transportation.

  • Serangoon Junior College
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Hougang Japanese Language School


Shopping Centers

The shopping centers give the residents chance for both luxury shopping as well as day to day items. There are several wet markets and local markets for fresh produce as well.

  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  • Hougang Mall
  • NTUC Hougang Mall


Dine-Out Places

There are so many places to dine in this area whether someone is a fan of street food or local delicacies or even international cuisine there is something for everyone here.

  • Jack's Place
  • Kopitiam
  • Suki Sushi


Healthcare Facilities

Upper Serangon Road has many health facilities available at its door steps.  Many medical facilities are top of the class and very efficient. They are just a short drive away from the residential area and they can be easily reached by means of public transportations or by private vehicles as the roadways connect the places directly. Some of the major healthcare facilities are -

  • Institute of Mental Health
  • Buangkok Green Medical Park
  • Bright Vision Hospital

Places of Worship

  • Hong Lai Sze Temple
  • Glad Tidings Church
  • Masjid En-Naeem (Mosque)



There are many places for recreational activities in the area like these places that help residents wind down after a tiresome day at work. These places are a great to spend time with friends and family-

  • Cheng San Community Library
  • Fu Hui Library
  • Punggol Park
  • Surin Avenue Neighborhood Park


Other HDB estates those are similar to this street are- Buangkok Link and Buangkok Green

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 978C
Buangkok Crescent, 533978
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 979A
Buangkok Crescent, 531979
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 979B
Buangkok Crescent, 532979
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 979C
Buangkok Crescent, 533979
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 980A
Buangkok Crescent, 531980
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 980B
Buangkok Crescent, 532980
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 980C
Buangkok Crescent, 533980
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 981A
Buangkok Crescent, 531981
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 981D
Buangkok Crescent, 537981
BLK 986A
Buangkok Crescent, 531986