Teck Whye Lane

About Teck Whye Lane

Teck Whye Lane is located at Choa Chu Kang which is also spelled as Chua Chu Kang. Its abrebriated name is also called as CCK. It is a planned residential town that is situated in the west region particularly in the north- westernmost point of Singapore. The total area is 6.11 square kilometer with a population of 186,580. It was a Kampong originally in Malaysia and has been developed rapidly by the Housing development Board(HBD) to transform into a modern residential town. This town consists of seven subzones and four out of them are densely populated. Teck Whye Lane is one of the densely populated ones.


Teck Whye Lane was built in the seventies and is one of the most popular residential streets in the town. The 49 blocks present with units is 4153. The earliest property was built in 1978 with the latest completed in 1998. The sizes of the rooms are approximately 92 square meters. The rooms have a typical layout of two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, five bedrooms and executive flats which is ideal for renting purposes to multiple people or for people with large families.


Teck Whye Lane is a well-connected street with many modes of transportation at the doorsteps of the residents. As the Singaporean government ideally desires a more eco friendly mode of transportation, plantings are being made to make public transportations as advanced and efficient as possible so that people will prefer it on owning private vehicles. This therein reduces pollution and also majorly cuts in the traffic issue. The MRTs are always the preferred mode pf transportation for people in Singapore and rightfully so because it time saving and inexpensive mode of transportation. The nearest LRT station is the Teck Whye LRT station. There are bus services available as well like the bus numbers 172, 307, 982e, 991, NR3 and 991 B which are available at block 204 which is a minutes’ walk from this street. There are also taxi services and car rentals options available in this area.


Primary Schools

There are several schools in the area that are at a walking distance. These schools are well reputed and long established educational institutions. Some of the nearest primary schools are-

  • Choa Chu Kang Primary School
  • Teck Whye Primary School
  • Yew Tee Primary School


Secondary Schools

The secondary schools are an important transition for any child and these are some of the best in the neighborhood,

  • Choa Chu Kang Secondary School
  • Teck Whye Secondary School
  • Bukit Panjang Government High School


Tertiary Institutions

For students who want to pursue higher education this is the ideal place to be due to the presence of these institutions that offer a varies array of courses and very near so cutting off the travelling expenses.

  • SHATEC Institutes
  • ITE College West
  • Pioneer Junior College


There are several shopping centers where residents can splurge for international brands but there are also places for daily grocery shopping as well. The residents don’t have to go far for their daily requirements.


Shopping Centers

  • Lot 1 Shopper's Mall
  • Yew Tee Shopping Center
  • Keat Hong Shopping Center


Dine-Out Places

Some of these places are ideal for checking out the local as well as try something newe from the multiple cuisines that they serve.

  • Siam Kitchen
  • Old Chang Kee
  • Long John's Silver


Community Centers and Clubs

Community centers are a great option to boost community spirit hence Teck Whye Lane have developed many such places in its locality where residents can interact with each other and know each other better.

  • Yew Tee Community Club
  • Victory Family Center
  • Warren Country and Golf Club


Health Care Facilities

Many medical facilities are top of the class and very efficient. They are just a short drive away from the residential area and they can be easily reached by means of public transportations or by private vehicles as the roadways connect the places directly. Some of the major healthcare facilities are -

  • Saint Luke's Hospital
  • Choa Chu Kang Polyclinic
  • Evercare Medical Clinic


Other HDB estates those are nearby to this street are- Tech Whye Avenue.

HDB Blocks

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Teck Whye Lane, 680102
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Teck Whye Lane, 680103
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