About Sago Lane

Sago Lane is situated in Central Area. Sago Lane is located near to South bridge road.  This place is known for its modern architecture and commercial facilities that is developed in recent years. It is also one of the most developed parts of Singapore so people often find difficult to get empty properties here to own. Apart from being a commercial hub, Sago Lane is also known for its green environment but the infrastructure for growing natural beauty was not present during the reconstruction times.


During the time of 70s, when whole Singapore was under construction, people and the civil authority of this area fought with administration to build an eco-friendly environment. Authorities of Singapore finally got their demand approved and now, there are many small and medium size parks and garden opened for locals. These parks are one of the many soothing places in Singapore which attracts visitors from all over the country. Due to its vibrant eco-friendly environment, Singaporeans wants to own or construct their own property in this place. Since then, this place has been under constant demand for houses and commercial plots. Well, people not only enjoy greenery in this place but also, get muchcloser proximity to numerous facilities and the “New bridge Road”. Due to its close proximity to main highway, people face no issue of traffic jam and air pollution. Plus the transportation service is far better in this area in compare to other areas of Singapore.


Since 1995, there has been a rapid rise in building new apartments for welcoming people to live and get the commercial centres running on full-fledge. That is reason many people who are working in the commercial centres in Sago Lane are mostly staying in this area. This has affected the local architecture as new modernized apartments have taken over and overshadowed the traditional ones. Well, things started to change in 2005, when Singapore administration gave power to local authority to build new apartments as per traditional style and promote the culture of Singapore rather than emphasizing on west. Since then, there has been a perfect balance between local architecture and modern facilities. There are mosques, Buddhist temples and tourist spots as well as large malls, shopping complexes and fine-class restaurants.


In Sago Lane, there are around 1 blocks of HDB, with postcode 50004 which contains 250 HDB units. This property was built in 1974. This property provides flats with 3 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms.


Sago Lane is one of the few areas of Singapore that have the some of the well-built recreational gardens, artificial landscapes, shopping malls and numerous hangout centres. As it near to Maxwell Road in the east and “South bridge road” in the west, it gives the locals a wide open and traffic free communication lane for travel.


As far as, bus stations are concerned, there are few bus stations alongside the Lanes of South bridge roadand some on the lines of Maxwell road. Most of the bus stations are located in  Block 01, Block 05, Block 07, Block 08 and the buses that do stoppage over these stations.


There are several MRT stations near to Sago Lane are present at distance of around 1.5- 2 kilometres from the area i.e. Tanjong Pagar MRT station, Chinatown MRT station and City Hall MRT station. There are few taxi stands on the corners of the street, so if you are in hurry you don’t need to wait for a bus or travel towards MRT.


Apart from transportation facility, Sago Lane also gives access to many well-known schools and child care facilities present here and in nearby places. We have listed below few popular schools and child care centres present in the radius of 1 to 1.5 kilometres from this area-


ChildCare Centres:

  • Rosemary Hall Montessori Childcare Robinson
  • Learning Vision @ Raffles Place
  • Learning Vision @ Raffles Place
  • Mulberry Learning Centre @ Tanjong Pagar
  • Modern Montessori Spooner Childcare Centre MMI


Primary And Secondary Schools

  • Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar
  • The Etiquette School Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar
  • Bukit Ho Swee Primary School
  • Zhangde Primary School


Well, these are the educational and healthcare facilities present in the nearby area. You also get in closer proximity to few classy restaurants, large recreational parks and shopping malls that have pubs, bistros, multiplex for giving people a perfect environment to enjoy their nightlife.


Recreational Parks:

  • Pearl's Hill City Park
  • Alexandra Hill East Neighbourhood Park
  • Rumah Tinggi Eco Park
  • Bukit Purmei Hillock Park
  • Waringin Park Playground


Shopping Malls:

  • Far East Square
  • People's Park Complex
  • Amara Shopping Centre
  • One Raffles Place


Dine-out Places:

  • BAKALAKI Greek Taverna
  • Chef's Table by Chef Stephan
  • KFC
  • Whitegrass Restaurant
  • Bacchanalia
  • Al-Fazl


If you still feel that Sago Lane is not up to your mark and you want to look out for other places nearby, then we would suggest you to visit Banda Street.

HDB Blocks

Sago Lane, 050004