Bishan Street 11

About Bishan Street 11

Bishan Street 11 is located in Bishan which is one of the most populated planned residential areas of Singapore. Bishan Town was the first town in Singapore that deviated from the traditionalist designs that was used in most previous Housing Development Boards (HDB) towns. apartment blocks in Bishan were different in height and were often dislocated due to presence of private residential properties. It is different from other HDB estates because they were built in uniformed rows and had slab-like residential blocks. The skyline of Bishan is often defined with the pitched roofs of flats in the town.


Bishan Street 11 consists of many modern estates that are built for convenience and spacious living. It has several residential as well as executive units. The units have three bedrooms, four bedrooms and five bedrooms layouts and are perfect for buyers who want to rent it or have a large family. There is a total of 24 blocks with 566 units amongst them.  The units have a spacious interior design and the outside view comprises of the scenic city view. The most popular units are five bedrooms and four bedroom ones. The postal address ranges from 570145 to 574505. The property was developed from 1987 with the latest being built in 2011.


Many residents of Bishan Street 11 have to regularly commute to different parts of the city for work, business, studies or entertainment. This area has great transport connectivity that can easily cater to the needs of such people and that too within a small distance. Railways and Road transportation like broad roads and flyovers are the best modes of transportation available for residents who want to commute within the country.


Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) services are frequently available for the commuters. More than one station is located in the area that are Braddell MRT Station, Bishan MRT Station and Marymount MRT Station. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) buses  and Singapore Bus Services (SBS) are frequently used by the residents. There are many bus services available in this area are-SBS Transit Trunk Services, SMRT Night Rider Services and SMRT Buses Premium Services. Some of the bus services available are at block number 169, and block 125 by means of bus numbers 54, 56, 410, 410 W and 131.


There are several childcare institutions, kindergartens and educational institutions in the region. The educational institutions are some of the best in the country and are just a few minutes drive away from the estates. Some of these schools are-

Primary Schools

  • Ai Tong Primary School
  • First Toa Payoh Primary School. 
  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School


Secondary School

The secondary schools are only fifteen minutes drive away and have been present imparting education for many decades. these schools are either specialized or have been awarded as one of the most outstanding institutions in the country.

  • Raffles Institution
  • Catholic High School
  • Bishan Park Secondary School
  • Peirce Secondary School


Tertiary Institutions

People often have to travel distant places for higher education but the residents don’t have to bear that trouble as some of the best colleges and universities are present right at their doorstep.

  • Raffles Junior College
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • ITE College East


There are several local markets and shopping malls in the nearby area where people can get their necessary day to day commodities.

Shopping Centres

  • Bishan North Shopping Mall
  • Thomson Plaza
  • Junction 8 Shopping Mall


Dining-Out Places

This street is famous for its fine dining places and the options are endless. Not to mention the huge variety of hawker style street food that the Singaporean market is famous for all over the world is also available here. There are several cafes and bakeries nearby as well. Some of these places are-

  • Ah Mei café
  • Jai Thai café
  • Hooked on Heads
  • Corndale Consultants


Some of places to interact with the neighbors and know about the people in the community there are several community centers and clubs.


Community Centres and Clubs

  • Bishan Sports Hall
  • MRT Sports & Recreation Club
  • Bishan Community Club


Healthcare Facilities

There are several hospitals and clinics nearby for medical emergencies like-

  • Assisi Hospice
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • United Medicare Centre


Other nearby HDB streets are Bishan Street 12 and Bishan Street 13.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 145
Bishan Street 11, 570145
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 146
Bishan Street 11, 570146
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 147
Bishan Street 11, 570147
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 148
Bishan Street 11, 570148
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 149
Bishan Street 11, 570149
BLK 150A
Bishan Street 11, 571150
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 501
Bishan Street 11, 570501
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 503
Bishan Street 11, 570503
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 506
Bishan Street 11, 570506
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 31
Bishan Street 11, 579819