New Pasir Panjang Park to focus on cultural, natural history

19 Oct 2020

Slated to open in phases from 2021, the new Pasir Panjang Park will feature Pasir Panjang’s rich history with purposefully curated artefacts and programmes by the community, for the community. Image:

The upcoming Pasir Panjang Park will offer visitors a glimpse of the area’s natural and maritime history when it opens in phases from 2021.

Running from West Coast Park to Labrador Nature Reserve, the park forms part of the Greater Southern Waterfront, reported Channel News Asia (CNA).

Pasir Panjang used to be a long stretch of sandy beach, which was rapidly developed through land reclamation and the construction of Pasir Panjang Terminal from the 1970s.

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee revealed that the National Parks Board (NParks) discussed the design of the new park with around 170 stakeholders between 18 January and 31 May.

NParks shared that the community wanted Pasir Panjang’s rich history to be featured in the park.

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“Future visitors will be brought down a Pasir Panjang memory lane, through incidental encounters with purposefully curated artefacts and programmes by the community, for the community,” it said as quoted by CNA. 

For instance, port items donated by PSA will be placed at selected areas of the park.

“The stakeholders also had a strong preference for self-guided walks, preferring to hear about life in the past through other people’s perspectives and stories, rather than just historical facts about the area,” said NParks. 

The park will also have heritage boards and a heritage gallery, which will “feature contributions of old photos by members of the public, enabling the community to tell the story of Pasir Panjang, thereby encouraging further contribution and sharing”.

Meanwhile, three quarters of stakeholders wanted the park’s main feature to focus on natural elements and use less man-made materials.

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As such, the park’s structures like public toilet will feature green roofs to “soften the look”, said NParks.

The landscaping will also include plots of land amid coastal vegetation, reminiscent of the area’s sandy coastline.

The park will also have a nature playgarden for children to encourage free play as well as sensory discovery.

Pasir Panjang Park’s first section, which will stretch from Pasir Panjang MRT to Jalan Pelepah residential estate, is slated to open next year.

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