Now that property agents’ track records can be found online, it is important for agents to get good reviews.

The worst nightmare of every property agent would be for property owners/seekers to leave a bad review of them.

The best way to earn yourself a good reputation which will also allow you to build long-term relationships is to show your clients that you CARE.

Be Committed, Accountable, Resilient and Empathetic.  

Be Committed

While some deals can be closed almost at an instant, some can drag on for months.

If your customer is looking to rent/buy, conduct a mini review session after every viewing. It’s important you understand the concerns your customers have about each property. This will also help you with future viewings too.

If your customer is looking to rent out/sell, explore different ways to market their property.

Thanks to technology, there are now multiple platforms and services that you can use to market your listings.

One such service that you can leverage on would be SocialCast on Facebook through AgentNet by PropertyGuru.

This service allows you to advertise your listings directly on Facebook and you can reach high-intent property seekers with guaranteed ad performance.

By exploring different ways to market your listings, other than increasing the listings exposure, you will also be assuring property owners that you are actively marketing their property.

Be Accountable

Part of being a good agent requires you to be accountable. This means that whenever a potential lead calls you to express their interest in a listing, you should almost right away drop your property owner a text.

Even if the lead does not fulfil the requirements of your client – they might be open at the last minute, we’d never know.

At the same time, this would also allow both you and property owners to track the listings success and how many seekers have viewed the house.

Be Resilient

First-time viewings don’t always have a 100% success rate. Sometimes, you would take your clients home shopping for many days and they still might not have made up their minds and want to view more.

Don’t give up.

Instead, be proactive and ask around and see whether your agent colleagues have any listings that will potentially match your property seekers requirements.

But being resilient does not mean pestering property seekers to quickly make their decision and settle on a home. Help property seekers find the right property by mastering the art of responding to them and staying in touch and at the top of mind.

Be Empathetic

Pay attention to the needs of your client – said or unsaid.

Your property seeker may be looking to rent a family-friendly home. In such cases, try to avoid bringing them to view homes that do not have window grills.

By understanding your client’s needs over your eventual commission would make it easier to deliver the property best suited for your clients, hence closing the deal faster.  

Professionalism and ethics can bring you far. At PropertyGuru, we are here to help connect agents with the most suited property seeker.

By providing CARE towards property seekers can help you grow your brand, reputation and business. Which will also increase the chances of them recommending you to their friends and family.

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

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