Managing a Facebook ad campaign can be very complicated, time-consuming and sometimes even expensive. And the hardest part is – how do you know you’re spending your advertising dollars on the right audience? 

Introducing SocialCast on Facebook, a new feature launched on 18 July 2019, designed to help property agents turn their listings into ‘Sponsored’ ads and target engaged property seekers, easily within a few clicks.

How will SocialCast on Facebook benefit you as a

property agent?

1. Increase your listing’s exposure to high-quality leads

What do we mean by ‘high-quality leads?

When your listing is SocialCasted, it will be targeted at Facebook users that have searched for similar listings on

Those individuals have therefore been identified as people with possible intent and interest in listings like yours. So we want to put your listing right in front of them – onto their own Facebook feed.

When property seekers view your ad on Facebook, they will be able to see:

And once they click on your ad, they’ll land on your listing detail page on

2. Easy to start via AgentNet

In just a few clicks on AgentNet (Web), you can start your very own Facebook ad campaign!

You don’t have to re-upload photos or re-enter your descriptions all over again – SocialCast brings it over seamlessly for you.

Depending on your budget and how long you’d like your ad to run for, we have a few packages that are tailored to meet your needs.

After your ad campaign has been approved by Facebook and is up and running, you will also be able to view your ad performance on AgentNet (Web).

Your performance report will look like this: 

Running Campaign

You can also view the performances of the past campaigns for the same listing here:

Past Campaigns

3. Guaranteed to deliver the promised impressions

Every SocialCast on Facebook ad campaign package has its set of promised ad impressions, regardless of which package you choose.

Ad impressions are the number of times your ad is displayed to the targeted Facebook users (but this doesn’t mean they definitely clicked on your ad).

Login to AgentNet (web) and SocialCast Your Listing(s) on Facebook Today

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

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