Any salesperson would tell you – it’s extremely important to respond quickly and professionally to your customers.

This is even more important for property agents because the items you sell have a huge receipt. So property seekers tend to be a lot more careful and stricter about what they expect of their property agents.

Here is an example of how you can reply to property seekers:

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But what happens when a property seeker isn’t a good fit for your listing?

Some will tell you to simply ignore them and continue looking for more suitable property seekers – however, this means you’re leaving money on the table!

Some of the more common situations you might face would be that:

  • Property seeker does not meet the landlord’s requirements
  • Property seeker meets the landlord’s requirements
  • Property seeker is not eligible due to the Ethnic Integration Policy
  • Property seeker has certain clarifications on house rules

Even though that particular property seeker might not be suitable for that listing, doesn’t mean they won’t be suitable for another listing in future.

So how do you make sure you’re the agent of choice? A series of help articles has been crafted to help you become an effective and professional agent.

It includes some real-life scenarios and examples, with free templates for you to reply enquiries.

Here are the help articles available:

  1. How to Respond to Property Seekers
  2. How to Follow-up with Enquiries

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

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