Greening your work desk with DIY terrariums

Contributor 23 Jun 2017

House plants

Terrariums are an easy way to add some greenery to your desk. Experts agree that having plants in the office sharpens mental focus, improves air quality and increases productivity. Create your own stress-free work area with these simple tips.

1. Materials required

Choose to buy the many types of DIY terrarium kits or customise your own by gathering the supplies yourself. This will largely depend on your budget and creativity.

You’ll require four basic items: a clear glass or acrylic container with or without a cover, charcoal, soil and plants. Any suitably-sized container that fits your desk will work.

Buy your materials online or source them from aquarium, home décor or gardening stores. Optional items include decorative pieces such as pebbles and acrylic or plastic figurines.

2. Selecting plants

Avoid fast-growing plants and opt for ferns and mosses instead. Plants which thrive in damp surroundings are suitable for the highly humid terrarium.

These include Asian Water Ferns, Tillandsias, Fittonias and Aeoniums. For more colourful options, pick African violets and Spiderworts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with plants and decorations, but ensure the containers allow for light to enter.

3. Maintenance essentials

Whether it’s an open or closed terrarium, they are simple to care for. You will need the right tools such as a small pair of scissors for pruning, a spray bottle to gently spritz the soil and plants, and cleaning materials to wipe the container.

The fluorescent lighting in an office is a sufficient light source for a terrarium to thrive in.

Direct sunlight may harm the plants as there is more than enough heat and humidity in the small container.



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