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Contributor 23 Jun 2017

Singapore cityscape viewing from Mount Faber hill top

The presence of trees in your estate is a good sign.

Plants and trees not only make living spaces more beautiful, but also help to attract positive energy into your home.

By Dato’ Joey Yap

There is a consensus among feng shui practitioners that greenery attracts different forms of luck and fortune, but having the ‘wrong’ type of greenery will bring you bad luck.

Is this true, and are you now noting down all the trees, shrubs and bushes in your estate?

In classical feng shui, plants are considered harmless, even though they aren’t mentioned in ancient texts. Having said that, buying 100 pots of money plants will not bring you a hundredfold of wealth. Similarly, having cacti in the house will not bring you Sha Qi or ‘killing energy’.

Feng shui is about harnessing the qi (energy flow) of your living environment, be it for the home or the workplace, to help you achieve your career, health and relationship goals.

There are two types of qi; Sha Qi is negative while the positive Sheng Qi means ‘life generating’.

Location matters

Even though the different plant species have no effect on feng shui, the position or location of the plant can sometimes solve feng shui-related problems or make it worse.

For example, if your property is built on a trapezium-shaped land parcel (which is wide in front and narrow at the back), it will negatively affect your property’s overall feng shui. The formation will push qi out, but the narrow back doesn’t contain qi well. Imagine that you have a box with a wide front and narrow end. Will it contain much? The answer is clearly no.

In this case, trees can be planted in the front to narrow and close off this portion, which will help to solve the problem.

It’s not rocket science

Previously, there were misconceptions that feng shui was purely based on superstition. Today,
we better understand the energetic concepts of Chinese Metaphysics using contemporary case studies.

If there are trees surrounding your house and they cast a shadow over the main door, a negative feature known as Yin Sha will emerge and enter the property. In the past, these houses would be considered haunted. Yin Sha is also believed to affect one’s mental health.

And if you happen to always walk through a door that’s dim, even on a sunny day, you’re likely to be a gloomy person! Others will be emotionally affected too as it is only logical that
your environment’s energy affects you. This is where feng shui can help you to analyse yourself and change your perspective.

Shine bright, bright hall

If there are playgrounds or parks in a housing estate, they will serve as the bright hall – an area where qi is collected before it flows through the main doors of nearby buildings. Hence, recreational areas of a housing estate shouldn’t be overlooked.

If your local park is tidy and lined with flowering plants and trees that are healthy, the collection of qi will be more effective.

If you already have a park serving as a bright hall in your housing estate, things will progress smoothly. Just make sure that your property is not heavily shadowed by trees blocking the Sheng Qi from flowing into the house. If that is the case, then you may want to prune the trees.

But tree management isn’t always easy. Without proper care, pollarding (a traditional system of pruning) may result in a dead tree.

Dead trees are another negative feature. They should not be visible from your main door. Having dead trees outside your bedroom or kitchen window is also seen as negative. Perhaps it is time to look outside and observe the surrounding features that affect the feng shui of your unit. Good feng shui is more than just manicured lawns and a bright walkway to your main door.






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