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If you have a Pinterest account, chances are that you’ll probably have some dream holiday destinations pinned. After all, the inviting blue skies and seas in the Maldives keep beckoning, and tour packages keep appearing in your email. Honestly, the only thing standing in your way is your bank balance! If you can’t jet off to the island resort of your dreams, why not recreate a piece of it in your home? We show you how these homeowners did it.

By Eldrida Yeong

1) Wooden ski lodge vibes

orangecube Singapore interior designThis home is a study in wood, backed by different shades of wood. The browns in this home are kept simple yet interesting with a clean colour palette. The strategically positioned lights also ensure that the home is kept well-lit. With its mix of warm, homely colours, this home reminds us of a ski resort – the only thing that’s missing is a crackling fire!

A luxurious looking home is possible with the help of swanky surfaces, extravagant furnishings and dramatic lighting, shared Chris Koh from The Orange Cube.

Interior designer: The Orange Cube



2) A mix of Japanese minimalism

This room has many eye-catching features. From the cozy wooden blinds to the pPGNV 114 Refined Livingadded feature wall, living in this room is sure to make you feel like you’re in a spa and wellness resort, designed to bring you peace. The pristine white sheets with flower petals further enhance the feeling of staying in a resort, one that’s complete with a personal touch.

Anne Chua from CAD Associates advises homeowners to use light colours for a cozy looking home. Adding a touch of black to provide some contrast helps as well, coupled with carefully chosen accessories that match the design of your home.

Interior designer: CAD Associates


3) Blue country manor
PGNV 114This home might not resemble a traditional beach resort, but its muted yet elegant colour scheme conjures up images of the English countryside. For those who prefer a more slow-paced holiday or pace of life, this home looks like the ideal resort destination for them. The unique ceiling light fixtures further accentuate this home.

This home is a Scandinavian design, shared Jacob Lee from, the designer of this home, who also told us that the main elements for this home are light colours and natural light.

He advises homeowners to start renovation early, and it is also good for them to give suggestions on any furniture they would like to include in their homes before proceeding with the design; this ensures the overall home design will not clash with the furniture. For this reason, loose furniture is also better than built-in furniture.

Interior designer:


4) Patterned modern apartment

PGNV 114With elements of city chic and resort-style wooden ceiling panels, this home is an eclectic mix of themes that culminates in a quirky resort look. Everything in this home is designed to clash tastefully, so even the patterned wallpaper goes towards the creation of an artsy, kitschy resort.

“Go simple with the furniture and use a lot of textures and neutral colours – this will ensure that the furniture or overall design of the home does not clash with the printed walls,” shared Madeline Luo from Absolook Interior Design.

Interior designer:
Absolook Interior Design


5) Balinese wood resort
PGNV 114Wood presents itself strongly in this home, first in the attention-grabbing feature wall that replaces a traditional headboard, and other areas such as the flooring and room divider in lieu of the wall. The intricate wood designs, paired with white sheets with a golden-brown trim, further contribute to the feeling of a luxurious Balinese resort.

“The intricate feature wall is actually a pre-cut mole which requires a special paint spray, finished off with a tinted mirror at the back,” shared Eric Lim from 96 Degree Designers. He also told us that the timber strip enhances the design of the wall, making it seem more spacious, matching well with the warm, cozy and modern colours used.

Interior designer:
96 Degree Designers


6) A modern villa
PGNV 114

All clean and sleek lines, this home is reminiscent of a wealthy family’s resort villa that’s used only in the summer. This predominantly white colour scheme amplifies an already large space, while the furniture serves as warm accents. With a view of the private pool, living in this home truly feels like a resort staycation.

Kelvin Chua from Artrend Design advises homeowners to know the theme and concept that they want for their homes. There is also no fixed colour palette for modern homes, and modern designs are very sustainable and will never be outdated.

Interior designer:
Artrend Design


Article and images contributed by HomeRenoGuru and Nippon Paint.

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