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Allan Chong
Not necessary if you are using for own stay. New development, new feature, new neighbors, new surroundings mah... But if buying for investment and rental yield, then have to lower expectation in terms of ROI.
Steven Wang
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Regardless of location, there will be buyers who find them ideal to their needs. It may be close to their work place, schools, in laws etc.

If your view is that market is bad now and that there are many 99yr LH 3 bedrooms going for undering $1mil, and that J Gateway is the worst project to invest, then dont.

Everyone has different guidelines and needs.

The same can be said about those over 2000 psf in D9 and 10, since the market is bad, and there are also older condos in the same districts that are alot cheaper.

Would you also say the same about them ?
Robbie Chen Chee Howe
I beg to differ.

The total number of condos in the entire Jurong is considered very few, when compare to other districts. Jurong is a very big estate, and more than 95% of the residences there are HDB units.

In fact, I would say Jurong as a suburban estate has the highest potential growth, when compared to other estates like Woodlands, Yishun and Tampines.

PM Lee and the Singapore Government has already in place plans to make Jurong the second CBD of Singapore. Hospital, Hotel and also the High-speed rail are some of the recent and future amenities that could further boost property prices in Jurong.

Singapore Government plan for the long-term, and with such focus on developing Jurong, I believe the potential is huge.
Robbie Chen Chee Howe
And of course, J Gateway has the highest launch price in terms of psf, due to it's prime location.

It really depends on your budget, because you can have the option of a similar-sized new project 1-2 MRT stations away, at about 20% lower.

For further discussion, you can contact me at 97486305.

Thank you.
Su Yin Ng
Hi Vince,

You are absolutely right in saying that price must be right and that location is just one factor. Truth is that property investment in Singapore has evolved into a science akin to buying stocks. Hence, my team uses various tools to analyse and evaluate properties for our clients before we make a recommendation. One of which is a tool with 15 factors to evaluate against.

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