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Christopher 吴锦钊 Ng
Hi Ros, once you are on the hdb main page, click on the 'Home Seekers' tab on the left hand corner.

Once you are in, click on the hyperlink "HDB Housing Statistics".

Next click on "Resale Flat Prices". You will be directed to a page where you can enquire on what you need.

A point to note is that the prices transacted reflects a transaction done roughly about 3 months ago and not prevailing market prices. It should only be used as a guide.

If for example, the price for a 5A in punggol shows "$395k (Oct 2009)", this indicates that this unit was sold in July 2009 at $395k. Oct 2009 is the date this data was captured in the HDB database. Read More


Seah Yam Sengh
Hi Ros..
I would like to add on to your query about the HDB Transaction price..Please also take note that the prices reflected in the HDB database are also subjected to the following conditions such as location,floor level,floor area, building age and lastly the renovation condition like either move-in conditions or not
For Example
Bain Street Block 232 and 233 were sold in June and July reflectivity..but the costs different was 100K if you use the higher transaction minus the lowest transaction

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Best Regards
Yam Sengh Read More