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Elfi Bin Abdullah
$600psf Jun-11
$795psf May-11
$796psf May-11

Hi GV, above are the latest 3 transactions for the GV. Compare it with the nearest condo, Sunrise Gardens. (Below) It basically means that property prices around the areas are transacting at $650-$700psf on average. $800 is an odd price for now.

$742 May-11
$629 Apr-11
$642 Apr-11

My answer would be; Over the past 1 year only one transaction was at $820psf. The property you're selling/buying @ $800psf must be 'special', for example; tastefully renovated, NS facing, high floor etc. If not it's not a worthy buy then.

I must also admit property prices in Singapore and especially around the area has potential to grow even further. Prices in D9 like Marina Bay Res. have transacted at $4368psf this transaction was made by a partner of mine, Propnex Powerful Negotiators.

Even CABANA is transacting at $680++ never over $700psf, let alone $800psf.

Just my 2 cents.

You should contact an realtor who is focused and understands your area well.

I'm more involved in D15 and 16 and am using facts from URA's website and basic property investment principles to derive my opinions.

Buy a property based on the current trends not on 'promised' future developments. Look at the transacted similar properties around the area before buying, if not you could be the one paying a 'record' price..the joke could be on you then. Thanks for reading.