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1) You might be misled by the last national rally that by developing the Great Southern waterfront concept.
2) This is a long-term development led by URA. With the fact that the Keppel port lease ends in 2027, so earliest development starts shall be 2027.
3) Although this is the obvious one of the greater development that URA will be developing, this does not mean that other regions' development will be stop or delay.
4) Great Southern Waterfront stretch from Pasir Panjang to Marine East, shall be transformed into a new major gateway and location for urban living.
5) Do note that the development is by phase. For example like Pasir Panjang Terminal is slated to cease operation by the year 2040 when Tuas Megaport is completed. Especially this port was only fully completed in 2009.
6) So if you planned to buy housing over the Pasir Panjang area you might have to wait a long time to see the capital appreciation that rubs off from the Great Southern Waterfront development.
7) According to the URA plan, the initial development will be focusing on infrastructure development on the connection of parks and reserves, followed by linking places of interest along the waterfront to disturbance to minimize the impact on the current core harbor business.
8) Keppel Club site develop into new residential precinct which could happen at the same time or later. That is all for now for Great Southern Waterfront.
9) Do note that this is a long-term development, thus you must have a long-term plan on your housing as well to fit into the nation's development.
10) Your idea of the next 3-4 yrs might not be realistic.

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Dear Buyer,
According to URA 2019 Master Plan, the GREATER SOUTHERN WATERFRONT is slated to be developed over the next 40 or more. Mind you, this is a super long term plan because of the sheer size of the port land stretching from Marina East to Pasir Panjang Wharves.

As such, it is impossible to achieve anything within the next 3-4 years. HOWEVER, should you be keen to invest in that area RIGHT NOW, then, you stand to benefit from the multiple exit points and gains that will arise over the long term and you will have the FIRST MOVER advantage as well.

Almost the whole stretch is LH99 tenure, as it is government land. BUT, across KEPPEL Road, there are FREEHOLD options available currently. THIS IS RARE for this part of Singapore. As such, do contact me if you are ready to invest to explore your options. Currently, only SKY EVERTON is FREEHOLD and has very limited units for sale around 27xx-28xx psf. The next FREEHOLD development around this area is slated for end 2021 launch and is expected to cost more than 33xx psf. So, your best chance to own a prime condo unit for a very good price is now. I specialise in properties in and around the Southern part of SINGAPORE. CALL ME NOW!

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