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Irfaan Thian
Morning Mr Gabriel,

Have you seen the development plans for Jurong east? Govt had decided that it'll be akin to 2nd Orchard in terms of shopping, work, hotels, leisure and even expos.

So in terms of capital or rental, there is huge potential for this project as you are entering at a good point of entry, in my humble opinion.

Hope this helps.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
Irfaan Thian
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    The plans were out donkey years ago and from what I understand, many of the older condo developments in Jurong have already benefited with price increases during the bull run a few years ago. My understanding is that the plans have already been priced into J gateway 's launch price so I personally don't see any upside.
Steven Wang
Every once in a while, we see very similar 'negative' comments on J Gateway.

Cant help but feel it is the same person, writing regularly, using different names.

If it is a poor investment, in your opinion, then dont.

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    I saw the other questions posted by others and can't help but question the viability of such an investment as well. So far there has not been any reply from any agent that share their investment perspective on J Gateway apart from stating some intangible benefits of the project. If you have anything constructive to share, you may do so.