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Brandon Aw ERA
Hi Evelyn,

Please contact myself and we go through it together..

There would be an estimate of $1000 start up fees to take the company's in-house lesson to let u know on what is real estate, take an examination to be certified, and also miscellaneous fees for marketing materials like namecards, etc

Brandon - ERA Marketing Director
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TC Tan
Hi Evelyn,

You are invited to attend a FREE Career Talk on this coming Thursday 7:15pm at DWG office at Toa Payoh. Before that, I would suggest to meet with you first to run through our agency works on how to get our agents started.

Interested? Pls call me 9876 5130 to register for the talk and to chat.

TC Tan
Senior Associate Director
Dennis Wee Group
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Primus Yuan
Hi Evelyn

Part-time? Full-time? All-the-time?

Starting is always easy. The usual process is to attend course, On-the-Job-Training (OJT) follow by mentorship from your immediate manager. To do well in real estate industry is a challenge. You need a lot of 3D - Determination , Desire and Discipline.

Moving forward, just want to share some thoughts with you on:

1) What do you want to achieve here?
i.e I want to achieve financial freedom.
A career in real estate will afford you the freedom and flexibility not found in most 9-5 jobs. This independence has its rewards in job satisfaction and opportunity for success. Your salary is directly related to your efforts, and there is NO LIMIT on the amount you can earn.

2) Are you willing to sacrifice what you have now and change for a better future?
I.e Yes, I will get out of my comfort zone and do my best for a better future.
You are prepared to start from basic, sacrificing time with family and friends for the initial period and go all out to achieve your dreams.

3) Who and how they can help me to achieve what I want?

We are a company (Propnex) built and shaped by talented, driven real estate professionals who know the value of having a great career, work-life balance and a reputation for being the best in the business. We focus on helping associates realize their full potential. You will find opportunities for growth, support for achieving your objectives and a true sense of family and belonging.

Our SECRET of success

S System

E Education

C Culture

R Resources

E Energy

T Technology

What is system? System means SAVE YOUR SELF TIME ENERGY MONEY. Our proven system has helped many aspiring agents to achieve their dreams.

Find out how our continuous educational training can expand your earning potential. Our comprehensive program addresses every aspect of the business, from Getting started to running your own sales team. Each sessions is based on proven models, systems and tools that help increase productivity, and ultimately, SUCCESS

A lot of companies say they function as a family. At Propnex, we truly do and this approach guides us every day in how we conduct our business. We support one another in achieving goals and celebrate the accomplishment of milestones. We focus on helping associates realize their fullest potential through different platform.

We believe in sharing resources to deliver synergy results. By leveraging of one another experiences, expertise, expenses, energy and efforts, we achieve more than what an individual can do.

The work as a real estate advisor is very challenging and demanding. You need to constantly to be at your best to serve your valued clients.

We understand that technology can differentiate us from our competitors. We have developed an in-house web portal that provides real-time transaction records, up-to-date listing and comprehensive database for our associates.

Your success is my goal. Wonder if you could make it in real estate? Real estate could be for you! Make today the day you begin the next fulfilling chapter in your life and career. Don’t let anyone stopping you. Call me now and find out for sure!

Primus Yuan
Group Associate Director
Your Success Propeller

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