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Geryl Lim
Hi Jack,

There are countless number of rookies I have met that have mentioned that they were very keen to start out a career in real estate as well as those who have enrolled to be a realtor together with me. I am sad to say that many of them have since decided to drop out throughout my past 4 over years in this industry. There are hundred and one reasons for their falling out, most of them blaming on bad mentorship as they have little results to show for, while others may have fallen out with 7 rounds of cooling measures introduced by the government to cool off property transactions. Are you going to be one of them?

In my current team settings, I am only keen in recruiting a rookie which has the drive and tenacity to work hard and contribute to team settings while the seniors take on leadership role to assist the rookie learn the ropes and blend into the system. We do not believe in solo-ism in this industry therefore we are working in a system that is built to last even for semi-retired salespersons who can still maintain their stream of income.

If you think you have what it takes to join this team, drop me an email with your career resume and we can then arrange to meet up for discussion.


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Tony Teo
Fast track your journey to success by learning the Secrets with me :) Hundreds of ready listings/products for you to market!

Check out www.HuttonsCareer.com - great for newbies!

Tony Teo
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Catherine PANG
someone who have time to listen to you and earn sales together. www.catherinepang.com
Michael Wong

Here's a intro on my team :-

My team and DTZ have a very systematic way of training our associates. We have a track record of producing many Top Producers, Top Managers and Top Rookies at DTZ. Your initial phase of learning is very important. Don't make the mistake of joining the wrong team. Mentorship and training can make or break a property agent's career. Don't compromise on that! Join a reputable company with a reputable team! DTZ is a company which has upheld its reputation for years too!

Today, we would like to invite you to meet us at DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd for a fulfilling and promising career opportunity. At DTZ, we are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic and prospective individuals and real estate agents to come & join us for new & exciting opportunities. We have many interesting projects lined up for you to explore & experience with fantastic commissions for the motivated people who aim to achieve!

If you are keen to meet up, please feel free to contact me at my mobile and email listed below to arrange for a confidential, no-obligation discussion at your own convenience. Alternatively, leave me your name, contact no and email address and I shall get in touch with you soon.

Good luck & Cheers! :)

Best Regards,
Michael Wong
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Lester T.
You likely spoiled for choice which agency to join, which mentor to help you,but first you have to ask yourself these questions first:

1. Which market interest you the most (eg HDB, Private Resale, Landed, Commercial, TOP, New Launches, et).

2. What type of working hours you desired? For example, you prefer the evenings and weekends, then HDB market or mass-market resale might work better for you. But if you prefer not work in weekends, then Commercial market might be the way.

3. Etc...

Once you decided the market you like to start, then look for agency that is strong in that area. I strongly recommend you choose only from the 11 Major Agency that are part of the SRX circles (www.srx.com.sg). Only the 11 Major agencies have accessed to advanced transacted data, ie we know how much is being rented or sold yesterday, way before public knows about it. This gives you REAL-TIME knowledge.

The best company for one agent might not be the same best for you. Each of them have their merits.. After 8yrs in this industry, I can share with you my personal opinion of the 11 Major Agency

If corporate branding is important to you, then DTZ, or KF might be for you. But such corporate companies are usually slow in adopting new technology.

If you like stationed at new launch show-flats, then Huttons and even ERA might be for you. But beware that new-launches are the most sensitive to market changes, so you might be the first to be impacted by any new measures.

If company-level trainings is important to you, then you'll benefit from ERA, HSR, PN, and especially OrangeTee. But beware of those who charges high price for trainings.

If you like to focus solely on HDB, then DWG, PN, ERA, C&H and HSR would be worth starting at. But beware that companies that is too HDB-focused might not be strong in private properties.

If you pefer companies that is strong in multiple markets, then OrangeTee, PN, ERA would be the top 3 choices.

Hope that helps u decide which is best for u.

Let me share why when choosing the right agency myself, personally I look for the following:
* Strong Management Style
* Well-respected brand
* Technologically Advanced
* Huge Office Space work
* Ability to work purely from home.
* At central location near MRT with ample parking
* Many trainings
* Have in-house IT department to build technology

For me, technology is the most important as I firmly believe that in a technology-world today, having advanced technology will accelerate your success competing with more than 30,000 agents out there. That is why when I joined OrangeTee to start the "AAG" Team in Mar 2013, we developed our own in-house technology to give our team the unfair advantage and since then, more than 200 agents have join my AAG team in the last 12mths, find out why:

I wish you all the best in find the right fit for yourself.

Lester Tan,
Group Assoc Director, OrangeTee
* AAG Founder (Head of over 200 agents)
* OrangeTee Top Leader (STAD) 2012 Aug/Oct/Dec