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Howard Ho
Hi Hopeful.

My name is Howard. I have 2 resale condos for sale as the owners are willing to let go at a good price. Do Let me know if you are keen and which area is your preference.

You can feel free to call or text me at 9766-3645 to discuss the questions you raised. It would be better explained over a phonecall.

Thanks & have a good day.

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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)

for question 1)
If he is still servcing the loan and you buy jointly with him your loan will be down to max 60% ( subject to bank approval)as he already has exisiting loan.
Cash wise will be 10% deposit cash, 30% cash/cpf.
For question 2)
If you buy in your name only, and you DO NOT have any housing loan, your max loan will be 80%( subject to bank approval).
Cash wise will be 5% cash deposit and 15% cash/cpf.
The loan amount is subject to alot of viariables such as income, credit rating and etc.. I can intro a banker to draaw out a finiancal plan if you want.

Stanley Soh
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