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Ken Tan
Hi Kenneth,

Prices in Singapore are unlikely to form a bubble due to the constant restrictions and monitoring from the government.

However, getting a unit at the time now will lower your chances of capital gain as well as an extremely high rental yield. However, you can leverage on the bank interest rates to leverage with the current rental yield.

My own opinion would be to prioritize Reits and Funds first if you are able to get good returns.

However, gains vs risks, property investment in Singapore is still preferred over shares/funds. Its a good indication to buy property in Singapore when you start to realize that people are not under "frenzy" shopping for houses; e.g. July 2009. Gauge for yourself if the market is starting to be cautious for now. If it is, transactions starts to drop and signs of corrections will appear. Then its a good time to buy.

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Lee Chun Peng Adnic
Hi Kenneth,

I believe that most of the replies have somehow answers some of your queries. At the end of the day it is still about holding power in property purchases.

There is hefty profit to be made and losses too (timing is important). It depends on your risk apetite and profile too.

I have different units on sale right now from D1-11. Send me your email via sms and I will forward you my listing to choose with from with details, price and good information.

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Radhika Prakash
Hi Kenneth,

Property investment always is a better proposal as an asset is created.

Do call me on 93380071, and i can provide you with units getting good rentals and having a small quantum.

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Lee Chun Peng Adnic
Hi Kenneth,

I have 3 units at Caribbean, seaside project.
Below 1.8m for 3 brms with tenant.

Please kindly sms me your email and I will send more details to you including pictures
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Mervin Tang
Hello Kenneth!

The question that you have posed is a very valid and common concern that both own stay and investors alike wonder upon.

I shall answer your question in 2 parts:

Firstly, on the high property prices..
There are concerns that property prices are at an all time high, whereby properties are now deemed to be "expensive". My question is, "expensive" in relation to what? The property market behaves in a localised manner, meaning to say that local characteristics shape how prices move and are determined, however, the impact on property prices are global. This aspect meaning that world money does not have political borders, and flows freely from country to country, many a time, ending up in real estate as a form of "banking".

As such, when you look at the global context of real estate, in relation to global cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, HongKong, you will find that property prices are easily 20-30% lower than them!

If the effects of globalisation are anything to go by, the convergence effect will see property prices in these big cities move closer together, thus, impling an upside of easily the same for Singapore!

On property as an investment tool:
Firstly, property behaves very differently from any other investment tool, for starters, it is the only asset whereby you can buy using leveraging.

Meaning that $5 will buy you $25 worth of property, whereas $5 will buy you $5 of any other asset. Thus any gains in psf terms on property is multiplied 5 times that other assets do not enjoy.

On a parting thought, results always speak louder than theories.. have a look at the top billionaires in the world, you'll find that 3/4 of them are either in the real estate business, or are the founders of tech giants. I've yet to find one that got THAT rich trading REITS, ETFs or dividend funds.

Food for thought!

Let me know if you'd like to further this conversation.

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  • KT
    Your comments are well thought out, but I am afraid does not address the picture holisticallly & skewed towards the property angle. Property as an investment tool may be an attractive option. However, there are limitstions: it is just a single tool. DIversification of investment assets is a good proven strategy that all experts in financial advisory circles champion. If you have personally experienced the market cycles of the last 15-20 years, you may feel the same too. There is no free lunch. There are always opportunity costs as well as risks to consider. Leveraging may mean that one can purchase $25 worth of properties for $5. What about the downside risks? Liquidity? Capital outlay? My personal gauge is that the property clock is high, and anyone who jumps in without first doing their homework may yet regret it. Having said all this, what I have expressed are my own opinions & should not be taken as property or investment advice.
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