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TC Tan
Hi Sherlyn,
it is important to understand the agency you are in and how it helps not only new agents blending in to close the first deal, but also existing agents to brush on their skill sets as well.
How do we get listings?
How do we all close and sell?
What are the tools we need, etc.?

Talk to us. We will share and you'll decide.

Senior Associate Director
Dennis Wee Group
J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi Sherlyn,

I am currently recruiting new agents, to work with me as well on my listing. If you are keen to join me, please feel free to drop me an email or call me directly for further discussion.

Thanks & Best Regards
J.A.Goh - ERA
HP: 9639 0350
Email: gohja@singnet.com.sg
Jaimie Ho Kit Mie
HI sherlyn,

I jumped into the real estate line exactly 2 years back (Oct 2007) from Engineering background. I had no experience, no training, no contacts whatsoever..

That changed when I went through ERA's inhouse training, one on one coaching and additional training give by my own Division. 2 years later, I am now a Sr Marketing Manager with a small team of 12 associates.

I welcome you to join my team. For further information about myself, please go to www.jaimieho.com > recruitment, to find out YOUR reason to become a property agent.

Cheers and good night.
Jaimie Ho
ERA, CEHA - 9107 2868
Zaid Bin Haroon

I Welcome YOU to be part of Powerful Negotiators - No. 1 Team in Propnex with more than 600 active agents for effective networking and quick buyer/seller match. We believe in Fast Closing & Power of Team Work & Leveraging. Therefore in our Team, YOU will Never work alone. Come! You Must Experience it for yourself!! Our “ZEST TRAINING” & “ REAL TIME WEB SYSTEM" with Full Property Detail listings (6000+) for FAST & AGGRESSIVE buyer/seller match!! All agents will have access with individual Login Id & Password to login to our REAL TIME WEB SYSTEM!! JOIN US TODAY & U can start marketing the listings!
I would like to invite you to attend our UPCOMING ZEST training in our PropNex training centre. Come and experience it for yourself! Find out how OUR YOUNG & DYNAMIC agents could do very well in the Private Property Market!
CALL/SMS ME Today to find out more. Don’t miss this opportunity!!
Pls feel free to call/sms or email me for a 1 to 1 discussion & presentation that you'll never regret!

Best Regards,
Zaid Haroon
(Sales & Recruitment)
PropNex Group Director/Team Manager
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Email: zaidsg@gmail.com