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Did you get your agent to handle it on your behalf? For late payment, you have the right to demand it and with interest.

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    Yes,I have agent but tenant is not in Singapore now.every month I receive late payment only
In this situation, follow these steps to address the issue of unpaid rent with your tenant:

1. **Review the Lease Agreement**: Check the lease agreement for any clauses related to late or missed rent payments and the steps you can take.

2. **Communicate with the Tenant**: Contact your tenant to remind them of the missed payment and inquire about the reason for the delay. Sometimes, there may be a temporary issue that can be resolved with communication.

3. **Send a Formal Notice**: If the tenant does not respond or pay after your initial contact, send a formal notice of late payment. This notice should outline the amount due, any late fees (if applicable), and a deadline for payment.

4. **Negotiate a Payment Plan**: If the tenant is experiencing financial difficulties, consider negotiating a payment plan to help them catch up on the missed rent.

5. **Legal Action**: If the tenant still does not pay, you may need to seek legal advice on how to proceed. This could include serving an eviction notice or taking the matter to small claims court, depending on the terms of your lease and local regulations.

6. **Document Everything**: Keep a record of all communications and actions taken regarding the unpaid rent. This documentation will be useful if legal action becomes necessary.

7. **Consider Mediation**: In some cases, mediation services can help resolve disputes between landlords and tenants without going to court.

Act promptly and follow the legal procedures in your jurisdiction to protect your rights as a landlord.
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You can speak to the tenant to indicate your expectations on rent to be paid on time, otherwise you can look into evicting them. Read More