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A diplomatic clause in a tenancy agreement where the landlord gives special permission to an expatriate tenant to terminate the tenancy before expiry in the event the tenant has to leave Singapore due to work assignment or layoff by the employer. If your tenant breaks the lease via a diplomatic clause, then you must return the deposit.

Since the tenancy agreement is via a corporate lease, the contract is strictly between you and the company. It has nothing to do with your tenant.

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Hi Sean,

This is very tricky. How did your source find out that he may actually stay here?

Technically, if he is on employment pass here, the moment his employment pass is terminated and he has to return to his country, this does not stop him from taking up another employment in Singapore.

As this is a corporate lease, if you are persuing this issue of whether is he leaving for good, it is likely to be a tedious process. My advise is that look at the tenancy agreement on the possibility of pro-rating back the agent fees for this transaction and move-on.

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P. V. Ramesh Babu
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