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Grace Kaung
Dear Jason,
you are not require to sell Hdb if you buy EC which is more than 5yrs from open market if you are singaporean. Ec owner can sell only after 10yrs old to foreigners.You are require to sell Hdb if you buy new EC project direct from developer. for second timer like you, must sell HDB if you buy direct from developer,
pls feel free to call me if any.
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Charlee Ng
Dear Jason,

Quintet is turning 5 year old this Oct and will be considered as a private property. Loan quantum is at 60% for 2nd loan. You do not need to sell your HDB flat if completion of your purchase is after October 2011.

I understand that this might be confusing for you. Do contact me if you need further clarifications.

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Yang Shuhui
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