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Under HDB's Home Office Scheme, the persons conducting the business must be 18-years-old or above, the flat owner, authorised occupier, or tenant of the flat.

Before starting operations, you must register your business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), unless it is exempted under the Business Registration Act.

If you prefer, you can apply for a Licence for Home Office Scheme before registering your business with ACRA. In such cases, please select your profile as "Individual (I am an applicant not representing any company or applying on behalf of any other people)" before you complete the application. You can subsequently register your business at a later stage.

Conditions of flat use
- Your flat must remain primarily as a place of residence, with any business use being the secondary purpose and confined within the flat
- You cannot use your flat as a home office or registered address for a society

Business activities
Your business and/ or its activities must not:
- Generate noise, smoke, odour, chemical/ liquid waste, or dust, which could become a nuisance to your neighbours
- Be illegal, unlawful, or immoral (e.g. gambling or pornography-related activities)
- Introduce or cause extraneous human or vehicular traffic to the surroundings or neighbourhood
- Involve any form of solicitation of business that could cause annoyance or disturbance to the residents or public (e.g. distribution of brochures, door-to-door visits)
- Sell/ buy any physical goods in or around the flat
- Display any signage, advertisements, posters, etc
- Adversely affect the character, ambience, and environment of the residential estate
- Safety requirements

Your business must abide by these safety requirements:
- You must take all necessary safety precautions and ensure that the business activities do not pose any danger to human lives or damage any property
- The structural load and consumption of electricity must not exceed the normal residential limit
- Any storage and/ or use of dangerous chemicals and/ or hazardous substances is strictly prohibited
- Before commencing any activities, your business must comply with the regulations of other government authorities and obtain the relevant licences/ approvals
In accordance with fire safety requirements set by the Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD), you must install the following in the office area:
- A 2kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher (available at DIY shops)
- A single-station smoke detector (battery operated, no wiring needed; available at DIY shops)

Permissible businesses
- Accountancy services
- Architectural services
- Consultancy services (e.g. business, engineering, IT/ management, education etc.)
- Design/ advertising services
- Transportation services
- Estate agency
- Insurance/ financial planning services
- Technology-based/ knowledge-intensive business
- Trading office

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