13 Freshly MOP-ed Resale Executive Condos in 2022/2023

Mary Wu
13 Freshly MOP-ed Resale Executive Condos in 2022/2023
The executive condominium (EC) is a public-private hybrid type of home that was introduced to cater to the aspirations and needs of the “sandwich class” – households that have exceeded the income ceiling for public housing (HDB flats), but still couldn’t comfortably afford a private property.
ECs are subsidised by the Singapore government but come with condo features such as better fittings and facilities like swimming pools, landscaped gardens, gyms, BBQ pits, and more. Hence, those who want to upgrade from their HDB flat to a private property can consider resale ECs as an option.
Want to keep condos as an option but are still keen on resale ECs? Then here’s a list of resale executive condos for sale in Singapore which hit their five-year mark in 2022 and 2023 for you to consider.

Resale Executive Condos That Have Reached EC MOP in 2022

The following listed prices are taken from listings on PropertyGuru and are accurate at the time of writing (12 September 2023). However, due to the nature of property listings, they may be taken down or changed at any time.
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1. Bellewaters

Resale executive condo nameBellewaters
EC TOP date3 May 2017
EC MOP date3 May 2022
Price$1,300,000 to $2,020,000
Bellewaters is an EC with a total of 651 units, across 3-, 4- and 5-room bedder configurations. It’s about five minutes’ walk from Farmway LRT station, which is just two stops from Sengkang MRT station. Those who live in the area enjoy other nearby amenities and developments such as Seletar Aerospace Park, Sengkang General and Community Hospitals, as well as the picturesque Sengkang Riverside Park.
It is also close to schools Nan Chiau Primary School, Springdale Primary School, Rivervale Primary School, Edgefield Secondary School, CHIJ Saint Joseph’s Convent and Compassvale Primary School.
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2. Bellewoods

Resale executive condo nameBellewoods
EC TOP date16 March 2017
EC MOP date16 March 2022
Price$1,038,888 to $2,050,000
Bellewoods is an EC with 561 units and this forest-themed development has six zones: Aquatic Forest, Urban Forest, Bamboo Forest, Evergreen Forest, Wellness Forest and Mangrove Forest that aim to promote better air quality.
It is just a 10-minute walk to Admiralty MRT station, and the same to Woodlands South MRT station on the Thomson East Coast Line. For parents, nearby schools include Woodlands Ring Secondary, Woodlands Ring Primary, Woodgrove Secondary and Greenwood Primary.
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3. The Vales

Resale executive condo nameThe Vales
EC TOP date2 May 2017
EC MOP date2 May 2022
Price$1,080,000 to $2,600,000
The Vales is an EC with 517 units in configurations that include 2- to 5-bedroom units, maisonette and penthouse. Its facilities include a jogging track, spa pool, steam bath, tennis courts and more.
It is just two minutes’ walk from Cheng Lim LRT station on the Sengkang LRT line West Loop. Schools in the area include ​​Nan Chiau Primary/High School, and Compassvale Primary School.
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4. The Terrace

Resale executive condo nameThe Terrace
EC TOP date25 May 2017
EC MOP date25 May 2022
Price$1,350,000 to $1,980,000
The Terrace is an EC overlooking the serene Punggol Waterway. Its 747 units are said to be larger compared to similar 3- or 4-bedder units in other developments. Nearby schools are Horizon Primary School, Waterway Primary School, Greendale Primary School and Greendale Secondary School.
For residents, Kadaloor LRT station is at their doorstep, and they can easily take public transport or ride their bicycles/walk to other amenities and photo spots that include Waterway Point Mall, Coney Island and Sengkang Riverside Park.
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5. Signature at Yishun

Resale executive condo nameSignature at Yishun
EC TOP date14 July 2017
EC MOP date14 July 2022
Price$990,000 to $1,800,000
Signature at Yishun is an EC with 525 units. Its amenities include a barbecue area, foot reflexology, a slide pool, swing beds, cascading water, a jogging trail, an art alley, a clubhouse, a tennis court, a jacuzzi, and more.
The development is a short bus ride to Yishun and Khatib MRT stations and schools in the area include Naval Base Primary School, Northbrooks Secondary School and Orchid Park Secondary School.
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6. Westwood Residences

Resale executive condo nameWestwood Residences
EC TOP date24 October 2017
EC MOP date24 October 2022
Price$958,888 to $1,628,000
Westwood Residences is an EC with 480 units in 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom units housed over nine unblocked towers, each 14 storeys tall. What’s unique about Westwood is said to be Singapore’s first bike-themed residence.
On-site are unique facilities such as a mini velodrome, kid’s traffic garden, children’s BMX adventure park, a covered bike maintenance area, and a secure bike garage fitted with biometric sensors.
Browse all available Westwood Residences units for sale on PropertyGuru.

7. The Brownstone

Resale executive condo nameThe Brownstone
EC TOP date30 October 2017
EC MOP date30 October 2022
Price$1,180,000 to $1,728,000
The Brownstone is a New York-influenced EC with 638 units ranging from 2- to 5-bedroom units that have access to facilities such as two lap pools, a basketball court, a gymnasium, a junior skating rink, three sky BBQ pits, a wading pool, a clubhouse, a spa, a social pool and a pavilion.
It is just a three-minute walk to Canberra MRT Station, and a short journey to sprawling malls such as Causeway Point, Northpoint City, Sun Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre. Schools in the vicinity include Canberra Primary and Secondary School, Sembawang Primary and Secondary Schools, Wellington Primary School, Northland Secondary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Furen International School and Republic Polytechnic.
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Resale Executive Condos That Will Fulfil the EC MOP in 2023

1. The Criterion

Resale executive condo nameThe Criterion
EC TOP date18 February 2018
EC MOP date18 February 2023
Price$930,000 to $1,800,000
The Criterion is an EC with 505 units ranging from 2- to 5-bedroom units, as well as 3- and 4-bedroom premium units. Privacy is a key focus for this development, thanks to the layout of the buildings and balconies that face the picturesque Lower Seletar Reservoir.
Residents also enjoy a rooftop dining area and electric solar-powered bicycles among other on-site facilities. Nearby learning institutions include Yishun Junior College School, Naval Base Primary School, Chung Cheng High School, Orchid Park Secondary School, Northbrooks Secondary School, Rainbow Centre – Yishun Park School and Northland Primary School.
Browse all available The Criterion units for sale on PropertyGuru.

2. Wandervale

Resale executive condo nameWandervale
EC TOP date14 March 2018
EC MOP date14 March 2023
Price$1,288,000 to $1,800,000
Wandervale is an EC with 534 units in 3- and 4-bedroom units housed over nine blocks. Residents can walk to Keat Hong LRT station or Choa Chu Kang MRT station in less than 10 minutes.
Amenities in the area include Dairy Farm Nature Park, Stagmont Park and The Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and schools of note nearby are Concord Primary School, Assumption Pathway School, Teck Whye Primary School, and Regent Secondary School.
Browse all available Wandervale units for sale on PropertyGuru.

3. Parc Life

Resale executive condo nameParc Life
EC TOP date29 March 2018
EC MOP date29 March 2023
Price $1,038,000 to $1,675,000
Parc Life is an EC with 628 units and is about a 10-minute walk to Sembawang MRT station. Other amenities in the area include Sun Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre, and the schools are Sembawang Primary School, Sembawang Secondary School and Canberra Primary School.
Browse all available Parc Life units for sale on PropertyGuru.

4. Sol Acres

Resale executive condo nameSol Acres
EC TOP date12 March 2018 / 26 April 2023
EC MOP date12 March 2023 / 26 April 2023
Price $730,000 to $1,950,000
Sol Acres is an EC with a whopping 1,327 units split over three towers. The MCL Land development is also kitted out with amenities that include a tennis court, table tennis pavilion, gymnasium, a 50-metre lap pool and a rollerblading trail.
The executive condo is a three-minute walk from Teck Whye LRT station (three stops away from Choa Chu Kang MRT station / Bukit Panjang MRT station). Nearby schools are Delta Senior School, ITE College West, CGM Kindergarten, Ichiban Nurtureland Kindergarten (Choa Chu Kang), South View Primary School and Teck Whye Primary School.
Browse all available Sol Acres units for sale on PropertyGuru.

5. The Visionaire

Resale executive condo nameThe Visionaire
EC TOP dateJune 2018
EC MOP date14 June 2023
Price$999,000 to $1,928,000
The Visionaire is an EC with 632 units in 2- and 3-bedroom configurations, and the development is a seven-minute walk from Canberra MRT station. Schools in the area include Yishun Primary School and ​​Ahmad Ibrahim Primary/Secondary School.
Browse all available The Visionaire units for sale on PropertyGuru.

6. Treasure Crest

Resale executive condo nameTreasure Crest
EC TOP date14 September 2018
EC MOP date14 September 2023
Price $1,350,000 to $1,900,000
Treasure Crest is an EC with 504 units. It is a five-minute walk to Cheng Lim LRT station, on the Sengkang LRT line west loop. Schools in the vicinity include Nan Chiau High School, Anchor Green Primary School and Nan Chiau Primary School.
Browse all available Treasure Chest units for sale on PropertyGuru.

Why Should You Buy an Executive Condo in Singapore?

ECs are built and sold by private developers but are typically about 25% cheaper than their private counterparts. This is because the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) allocates land for such subsidised residential dwellings based on the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme.
For those who wish to enjoy condo facilities, purchasing an executive condo becomes a more viable, affordable option than purchasing private property. Furthermore, eligible EC buyers can use the CPF housing grants to offset some of the costs. Another plus is that 70% of EC units are earmarked for first-timers during the developer’s initial launch period.

After 10 Years, Executive Condos Essentially Become ‘Private Property’

For the first 10 years after an executive condo receives its Temporary Occupation Period (TOP), only Singaporeans and Singaporean Permanent Residents (PRs) are allowed to purchase them. Upon privatisation from its 11th year, EC units can be put up for sale or rent to foreigners.
The above reasons make ECs a good option for own-stay purposes. But what are some things to take note of if you’re an EC owner hoping to sell or rent out their property?

Can I Rent out My Executive Condo Before MOP?

While you cannot rent out the entire executive condo unit you own during the five-year MOP, you can rent out a room. After the MOP is fulfilled, you can sell or rent the unit to Singaporeans and PRs.

Is Buying an EC a Good Investment?

The low initial selling price of an EC fosters greater capital appreciation within the first five years of its launch. A study conducted by Squarefoot revealed that the price gap between a private condo and a nearby executive condo can narrow substantially after the latter has met its 5-year MOP.
With a red-hot rental market, current market conditions also suggest ECs can offer a good rental yield, should you choose to lease out your property for rental income.

4 Reasons to Buy a Resale Executive Condo in Singapore

1. No MOP for Resale ECs

For BTO flats, DBSS units and resale flats, the MOP is calculated from the date you get the keys to your new home. But for an executive condo, the MOP is calculated from the TOP date.
This means buying a resale EC allows homeowners to gain the flexibility to move as early as a good opportunity presents itself.

2. Resale ECs Are Closer to Becoming Private

While not so relevant to own-stay properties, this is particularly beneficial for those looking for investment opportunities to sell or rent to foreigners in Singapore.

3. Can Keep Your Current HDB Flat

Also, if you already own an HDB flat and you don’t want to give it up, you can’t buy a new EC. You can, however, buy a resale EC which has been privatised.
Do note that you still need to have met the MOP of your previous HDB flat, and the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) applies for the resale EC, which is considered your second property.

4. Resale ECs are Already Built and Completed

Lastly, resale ECs are already completed and more or less move-in ready. New launch executive condos can take years to build, and you can’t inspect the place before paying. Resale ECs are better for those who need a new home quickly, and like to do a physical viewing before committing to the purchase.

Financing Your EC Purchase

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More FAQs About Executive Condos in Singapore

ECs in Singapore are priced between $750,000 to $2,000,000, according to the latest listings on PropertyGuru.

2-bedroom ECs average at $1 million. With the current LTV ratio set at 75%, you will need around $50,000 (5%) cash and $200,000 (20%) in cash/CPF to afford the down payment.

There are a few differences between EC and condo. Before privatisation at the 10-year mark, ECs are considered as public housing, just like any HDB flat. As such, they are also subjected to the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years. However, post-privatisation, they are considered as private condos that can be sold to foreigners. Price wise, ECs are relatively cheaper than condos because of their semi-public housing status as an HDB in the first 10 years. Facilities wise, most ECs have the basic condo facilities like swimming pool, BBQ pits and function room, though this is unlike some of the bigger condos where you have a plethora of facilities such as sauna, playground, etc.

You cannot own both a new EC and an HDB flat concurrently. You can apply for a newly-launched EC, but you will need to give up your HDB flat once your EC is ready. However, if you buy a resale EC that has been privatised, then you can own both the EC and HDB flat concurrently. That’s because the privatised EC is considered a private property.

You can buy an EC in Singapore under the Joint Singles Scheme. However, you will need to co-own it together with other singles. You must also not exceed the household income ceiling of $16,000, according to the latest HDB rules.