Pasir Ris

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Pasir Ris
In the Malay language "Pasir Ris" means "white sand". The reason behind this name lies in its coastal location. In the past, there have been wide developments of the area as a popular residential area. HDB estates and condominiums are the most widely used modes of accommodation for the people of the locality. With resorts, chalets and amusement parks the prices of the real estates have escalated significantly. There are many resort facilities that can be found in Pasir Ris such as the NTUC Downtown East, Aloha Loyang Resort and Aranda Country Club. This region is known as a recreational hub and the people of the locality can have endless fun by staying in the Pasir Ris HDB estate. Pasir Ris HDB estate is home to approximately 150,000 residents.
HDB estates in Pasir Ris are highly sought after by property buyers. This is because many excellent facilities can be found in close proximity to the Pasir Ris HDB estate. Pasir Ris is a popular holiday destination and is famous among the cyclers, water skiers and other water sports enthusiasts. All the essential amenities such as places of worship, healthcare facilities, libraries, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and good eateries can be found in this region.

Location Specifics

Pasir Ris HDB estate is located at the eastern end of Singapore. It is house for most of the population dwelling in this region. Some of the areas surrounding Pasir Ris are Sungei Serangoon to the West, Tampines to the South, Changi to the East and Serangoon Harbour to the North. The regions that lie in the neighborhood of Pasir Ris are Defu Lane (D 19), Punggol (D 19) and Tanah Merah (D 17).
Pasir Ris has been divided into 7 sub zones that aid in the developmental needs of the government. These sub zones are:
  • Pasir Ris West
  • Elias
  • Pasir Ris New Town
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Pasir Ris Drive
  • Loyang East
  • Loyang
All these areas are tourist hubs because of their scenic location beside the sea. They cater world class privileges to their dwellers, making it a popular residential area.

Transportation Network

Pasir Ris Interchange
Pasir Ris is served by a great network of road and railways transportation. Many broad roads and expressways have come in the last few years to take care of the traffic woes of the local residents.
The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a commonly used mode of transportation for the residents of Pasir Ris HDB estate. This area is served by the Pasir Ris MRT station (EW1).
Road transportation comprises mainly of the services offered by Singapore Bus Services (SBS). There are many types of services that can be found in this area. Some of them are:
  • SBS Feeder Services – 354
  • SBS Transit – 3,5,6,12,15, 17, 21, 58, 358, 359, 403, 518, 518A, 538, 539, 88, 89
  • Night Services – 7N, NR7

Educational Institutions

Some of the renowned primary and secondary schools can be found near the Pasir Ris HDB estate. There are also tertiary institutes catering higher education to the student population of this region.
Some of the renowned institutes of education found near the Pasir Ris HDB estate are:
Primary Schools
  • Casuarina Primary School
  • Coral Primary School
  • Elias Park Primary School
  • Loyang Primary School
Secondary Schools
  • Greenview Secondary School
  • Hai Sing Catholic School
  • Loyang Secondary School
  • Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School
Tertiary Institutes
  • Meridian Junior College
  • Singapore Institute of Commerce
  • Kuroda

Facilities / Amenities

The rising fame of Pasir Ris as a residential area primarily owes to the presence of all the facilities that are required for modern day living. Pasir Ris is a popular tourist destination and is thus the reason for the presence of many excellent amenities located here.
Some of the facilities that are found in Pasir Ris include:
Shopping Centres
  • Elias Mall
  • Loyang Point
  • Pasir Ris West Plaza
  • White Sands Shopping Centre
Dine-Out Places
  • Swensen’s
  • Cavana
  • Old Chang Kee
  • Leck Thai Restaurant
Community Centres and Clubs
  • Aranda Country Club
  • Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club
  • Victory Family Centre
  • Pasir Ris South Student Care Centre
Healthcare Facilities
  • Metta Hospice Care
  • Saint Andrew’s Mission Hospital
  • Saint Andrew’s Community Hospital
Places of Worship
  • Kwang Hua Buddhist Monastery
  • Bethesda Pasir-Ris Mission Church
  • Al-Istighfar Mosque
  • Pasir Ris Community Library
  • Park Aquaria
  • Sea Shell Park
  • Century Cineplex
Prices of apartments in Pasir Ris HDB estate have gone up a great deal in the recent years and this is primarily due to the various facilities that are readily accessible to the people dwelling here. HDB also gives people the option of buying property and making the payment through easy installments. With great security facilities the properties at Pasir Ris HDB estate are a must buy for all property buyers.
Did you know…
  • Kevin Matthews, who is a renowned Singaporean singer/songwriter, wrote a parody of a song called Waterloo Sunset and titled it Pasir Ris Sunrise.
  • The largest outdoor theme park in Singapore, Escape Theme Park, is located in Pasir Ris (to be precise, in NTUC Downtown East, a recreational and entertainment hub).