Leaving No Stone Unturned In Search Of The Perfect Family Home

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Leaving No Stone Unturned In Search Of The Perfect Family Home
When Henry and Eve began looking for a condo after selling their Sengkang build-to-order HDB unit, little did they know it would take more than a year and 40 inspections to settle on this bright and airy unit in Newton.
“I look at my home and feel warmth”
After all, Henry loves his research and is quite thorough with it. He scoured through reviews on PropertyGuru and even examined likely locations using Google Earth to consider the actual environment. Henry laughs at the thought that they must have viewed most of Singapore through their journey to look for the perfect place. Their estate agent, and old school friend, Jason says he wouldn’t dare say he lost count, but there were “quite a few viewings!”
Young family living in a condo
Henry and Eve’s home is in Newton, close to the famous Newton Hawker Centre where Henry eats his favourite pineapple fried rice thrice a month. And it works out well for them, that their pad is also close to Raffles Place, where Henry and Eve work.

Baby steps

Family with daughter living in condo
What really stood out for Henry, was the layout — a big reason why this flat won. They did not need to renovate much, apart from overhauling the kitchen and toilet. On her part, Eve identifies the living and dining area, as the space she is most fond of. But the house has moved on from being just about their favourite corners, to becoming a lot more special.
“We welcomed our firstborn into this house. So, this is the place where we live as a family. Before that it was just the two of us. Now the concept of family has become even closer to our heart,” Eve says.
Their daughter Abby is not yet two years of age, and the couple is learning the joys, and trials, of parenting in their new home.
“She’s the first in both our families. She is precious to all of us. Seeing our little girl grow up in front of our eyes — it is quite amazing. The kind of joy that a kid brings to you is priceless. It’s a totally different experience,” Henry says.
Both Henry and Eve have special memories of Abby’s first word, “Papa” (although this is a slightly contested memory) and her first steps.
“Being able to witness milestones, all in this house, creates a very special meaning for us. So this is not only a house, but our home,” Eve says.
Young family living living in a condo
Now, perfect days for the couple come packed in gregarious playtime and eating home-cooked family meals in the dining room. The couple wind down the day watching Netflix together, relaxing in Henry’s favourite room, his study, after Abby goes to sleep.
“That’s where I get my ‘me’ time,” he says.
And there are also the facilities — the swimming pool, gym, karaoke and mahjong rooms in the condominium that the couple use on a regular basis.
But soon it will be time for the couple to move into a new home with Abby. This time, the couple is looking for more space in a location closer to their respective families to help with child-care. They are looking at condos in the east or central, as they believe that properties there retain their value better.
Young family living in a condo
True to form, Henry is leaving no stone unturned and they’ve already viewed 30 condos. He has come a long way from looking through ads in the newspapers, to using PropertyGuru. “It even allows me to check the distance from my workplace and find out about other amenities.” His perfect find now would be a freehold, with more space, a good layout like their Newton apartment and proximity to the city.
“And a low maintenance fee,” Henry chuckles. “I’ve got lots of criteria.”
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