Landed Property Types

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Landed Property Types
Landed property is a broad residential category encompassing terrace houses, semi-detached houses, detached houses, good class bungalows and shop houses.
Terrace houses are also known as terraced house, terrace, row house, linked house or townhouse and are a type of medium density house where a row of identical houses share side walls. The house at the far end is commonly known as the End Terrace.
Semi-detached houses also known as a semi-d or duplex in certain parts of the world consists of pairs of houses built side by side and separated by a party wall or partition. The houses are usually built in such a way that each house’s layout is a mirror opposite of its twin.
Detached houses are like semi-ds but instead of being built next to another house, detached houses stand alone.
Good class bungalows or GCBs are considered the most sought out property type in Singapore by extremely affluent foreigners and locals. GCBs must have a plot size of at least 15,070 sqft (1,400 sqm) and must be located in one of the gazetted areas around Singapore for good class bungalows to be considered as such. GCBs are big enough to accommodate many family members and are known to have space for 4 cars or more. Some are renovated to include swimming pools and gardens.
Shop Houses are a common sight in South East Asia as the hybrid building consists of a shop on the ground level and a place of residence on the second or third storey. A variant of the shop house is the shop office which shares the same layout as a shop house but is used wholly for commercial purposes on the ground floors and floors above.
Landed property tenure is tied to the land title and most landed properties are typically freehold although there are some 99 and 999-year leaseholds in the market as well.
Landed property of all types in Singapore are significantly more expensive especially near the city centre than most other property types due to its reliance on huge space which is a major concern in land scarce Singapore.