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Clementi and its surrounding roads have been named after Sir Cecil Clementi, the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1887 to 1893. A number of important administrative offices and political establishments are located in this area. Clementi is popular among property investors for two main reasons – the relatively cheaper land values and the huge redevelopment processes in the pipeline. The Clementi Planning Area and the Clementi New Town Area are the two main residential areas in the region.

Clementi New Town is the largest and most prominent HDB estate in the Clementi region, and also one of the most mature and developed housing estates in Singapore. Built within an area of about 4 sq. km., only half of the actual area has been put to use for residential purposes. Approximately 80,000 people reside in around 24,000 HDB flats and similar residential units.

Location Specifics

Clementi is surrounded by several districts, such as District 3, District 4, District 22, District 21 and District 10.


The region is further divided into a number of sub-zones for easy and effective administration:

  • Clementi Central
  • Clementi West
  • Clementi Woods
  • Clementi North
  • Faber
  • Pandan
  • Sunset Way
  • Toh Tuck
  • West Coast

The well administered facilities in the region have helped Clementi New Town evolve into a comparatively better residential estate.

Transportation Facilities

The HDB Estate of Clementi is served well by both road and railway networks.

Clementi MRT station serves the local residents along with Dover MRT station which is located very near to the estate.

The Clementi Bus Interchange serves the road transportation needs of the locals. Some of the bus services that service in and around the area are:

  • SBS – 30, 51, 52, 105, 154, CT28 (Chinatown express service)
  • SMRT – 106, 176, 184, 189, NR8 and NR5 (night services)

Taxis are also an alternative mode of transport in the area, albeit a more expensive one.

Healthcare Facilities
Residents of Clementi HDB Estate can enjoy state-of-the-art medical and healthcare facilities. Many reputed clinics such as the Clementi Polyclinic and the Lim Medical Clinic serve the local population. 24-hours expert medical help is also available on call.
Educational Institutions

Clementi HDB Estate has become one of the most popular residential estates in the area not only because of the upscale ambiance and infrastructure but also because of the large number of world class schools and higher education institutes present within the area. A short list of the most prominent educational institutes is provided below:

Primary Schools

  • Clementi Primary School

  • Nan Hua Primary School

  • QIFA Primary School

  • The Japanese School

Secondary Schools

  • Clementi Town Secondary School

  • Tanglin Secondary School

  • Clementi Woods Secondary School

  • Nan Hua High School

Tertiary Institutions

  • ITE College West (Clementi)

  • Singapore Institute of Management (Clementi Road)

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)

The Elementary campus of The Canadian International School is also located in the region. Many residents send their children to this school for international training and education.


Being one of the mature housing estates in the country, all the modern facilities needed to maintain a chaste urbane lifestyle is available for residents of Clementi HDB Estate. Shopping centres, restaurants, clubs, pool centres, video game parlours and other entertainment avenues are aplenty in and around the estate. Some of the most popular places often visited by local residents are:

Shopping Centres

  • Clementi Shopping Centre

  • West Coast Plaza

  • IMM Building

Dine-Out Places

  • Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

  • Niqqi’s Cheese Prata

  • Kopitiam

Community Centres and Clubs

  • West Coast Recreation Centre

  • Clementi Town Centre

  • West Coast Community Centre

Places of Worship

  • Ang Chee Sia Ong Temple

  • Clementi Bible Centre

  • Darussalam Mosque


  • Clementi Theatre

  • The Snookerium

  • Eng Wah Empress Cineplex

  • Clementi Bookshop

The area is also a major tourist attraction because of the number of architecturally beautiful landmarks, mosques and Buddhist temples present within the area. The Clementi Bible Centre is a well-known religious place for Christians. The harmonious co-existence of several religious faiths is an epitome of the rich cultural and traditional heritage of Singapore.

With all the modern facilities and huge potential for residential and commercial expansion in the area, Clementi HDB Estate has become a preferred residential place for the affluent class in the region. Buying property in this HDB Estate will certainly generate more than an expected value in the future.

Did you know…

  • There is a new upcoming development known as The Clematis. Along with 3 flats, a library and a shopping complex, The Clematis will boast an air-conditioned bus interchange, and will be the fifth bus interchange in Singapore to be air-conditioned.

  • Squatters and the British armed forces barracks used to occupy the Clementi New Town area many years prior to land development.