Buying That First Home: A Risk Worth Taking

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Buying That First Home: A Risk Worth Taking
"You just want to chill with your loved ones and kids. That’s home for me.”
When Sky Tan first arrived in Singapore six years ago, he was sleeping on a friend’s couch. The native Malaysian had left his job in Jakarta to work and live in Singapore’s safe and stable environment.
After a month, Sky, who now works in the advertising and marketing industry for airport promotions, found a room through PropertyGuru. When Stephanie— a fellow Malaysian whom Sky met in Jakarta — joined him a few years later, they decided to expand and get a whole unit, especially with the arrival of their daughter.
However, Sky and Stephanie’s rental journey wasn’t without its challenges, with the couple being forced to move out when their previous landlord decided to sell. “We found another place to rent, but we thought that if we’re paying that much money for a unit, why not find a way to get a property for ourselves?”

From couch surfing to owning a home

After years of renting, Sky and Stephanie were finally ready to purchase their own home. They used the PropertyGuru app to help them with their search. “It was quite straightforward. PropertyGuru gave all the necessary information. I did my due diligence on the website. It was quite smooth,” explains Sky.
Young couple living in a condo in Boon Keng
The couple settled on a 2,800-square-foot landed home within the condominium premises at Eight Riversuites @ Boon Keng. What stood out for them wasn’t only the location, layout, and the quiet environment, but also how the house made them feel. “We decided to buy this property because of the feeling that the space gave us — like home.”
Young couple living in a condo in Boon Keng
Buying a home — especially the first one — is a long-term commitment involving a lot of money, so it’s not surprising that the couple had some reservations. To ease their worries, Doris Tey, an ERA agent who uses the PropertyGuru platform, sat down with the couple to help them figure out the associated costs, laying out all the numbers — from the down payment to the monthly instalments.
This was the help they needed. “I think everyone needs a push,” said Stephanie. “If you’re committed to something, you’ll find ways to achieve it.”
Sky admits it was scary at the beginning, and his palms were sweating when he signed the contract. “You have to pay a huge sum of money and you’re not sure if you can survive for the next 35 or 40 years, but I think when you just go for it, things somehow fall into place.”
More than that, however, was finding the right home for their three-year-old daughter, ZiYi. “When you have a kid, it’s different because you want them to grow up in a proper or suitable environment. I think our home is a good place for a kid to grow up in,” she added.
Young couple living in a condo in Boon Keng
Now, Sky, Stephanie and ZiYi need not worry about landlords selling their rental — they have a home to call their own. Their special corners include the balcony where they enjoy the evening breeze and the river view, and the master bedroom where they can drink and watch movies.
Young couple living in a condo in Boon Keng
“After a busy day at work, you come home, shut the door, and you’re finally away from all the craziness you face every day. It’s actually a relief,” said Sky. “You just want to chill with your loved ones and kids. That’s home for me.”
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