Why Buy a Property in Ang Mo Kio?

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Why Buy a Property in Ang Mo Kio?
When it comes to buying a new home, a convenient location close to many amenities is usually a top consideration in many people’s minds.
Being located close to eateries, shopping malls, and many modes of transport – all of that translates into higher value for a piece of property. And when it comes to convenience, few places in Singapore manage to match the appeal of Ang Mo Kio. In this article, we will highlight a few places of interest in Ang Mo Kio, as well as the reasons you should consider this neighbourhood as a place to live in.

Ang Mo Kio’s past

Rubber plantations in Ang Mo Kio were a source of income for many settlers in the past - PropertyGuru Singapore
Rubber plantations in Ang Mo Kio were a source of income for many settlers in the past.
The name ‘Ang Mo Kio’ is a Hokkien term which literally translates to ‘red-haired man’s bridge’. ‘Ang mo’ was a colloquial term for a Caucasian person.
During the 19th century, Ang Mo Kio was a relatively uninhabited plot of land. It wasn’t until the start of the 20th century that settlers began to develop an interest in the area, thanks to the rise of demand for rubber.
If you take a look at the older maps of Singapore, you might find that Ang Mo Kio used to be called Ang Mo Kio Forest Reserve, and was home to many plantation estates. Back then, many farms and attap houses were scattered amongst the rubber estates.

What can you find at Ang Mo Kio today?

Present day Ang Mo Kio is located close to the center of Singapore, making it easy to travel anywhere in the country. There are many amenities located around the various streets of Ang Mo Kio, granting residents easy access to many daily necessities.
Some of the developments in the area include:

Ang Mo Kio Hub

Ang Mo Kio Hub, often abbreviated as AMK Hub, is connected directly to Ang Mo Kio bus interchange. Like many other districts in Singapore, the bus interchange is also linked to Ang Mo Kio MRT station via an underpass, making it extremely convenient for citizens living in the area to get around.
Opened in 2007, AMK Hub is a shopping mall that was initially intended to be a mixed use development consisting of a residential development and an office tower. However, the contractor went bust after demolition works ended, resulting in the construction site being abandoned for two years.
Eventually, an idea for a new development was proposed, one that would turn the site into a small shopping complex instead of a mixed use development. Today, AMK Hub houses a hypermarket, an eight screen cinema, and over 100 shopping outlets.

Educational Institutions

Apart from its many amenities, Ang Mo Kio also plays host to many educational institutions, making it a great place to live in if you intend to have children. Children will be able to attend schools in Ang Mo Kio for their primary, secondary, and tertiary education. This makes it more convenient for them, as they do not have to travel long distances in order to get to school.
Some of the educational institutions include:

Primary Schools

  • Ang Mo Kio Primary School
  • Jing Shan Primary School
  • Mayflower Primary School

Secondary Schools

  • Anderson Secondary School
  • Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
  • Mayflower Secondary School
  • Peirce Secondary School

Tertiary Institutions

  • Anderson Junior College
  • ITE College West
  • Nanyang Polytechnic


Many hawker centres can be found in Ang Mo Kio.
Apart from those found in other developments such as shopping malls, there are over ten hawker centres located in many populated areas. This means that you’ll never have to venture too far in order to find somewhere to eat.
Many of the hawker centres in Ang Mo Kio double up as wet markets during the day, and are a great place to have breakfast and shop for groceries on weekends. One of the more popular places that locals frequent is Ang Mo Kio 628 Market, with over 1,500 online reviews granting it a 4-star rating.
A highly popular hawker centre – Chomp Chomp Food Centre, located in Serangoon Gardens, can also be found a short bus ride away from Ang Mo Kio.
If you’re into the cafe scene, Grub at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 is pretty popular amongst the locals, and is well known for its GRUB Cheeseburger and Grilled Chicken Burger. Alternatively, the Rainbow Cottage Cafe at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 provides a sweeter menu if you’re in the mood for dessert.


There are four parks in Ang Mo Kio.
The smallest one is the neighbourhood park, located to the west of the town. Another two – Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West and Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East, are much larger, and sit close to the Ang Mo Kio-Serangoon border.
The fourth park is the largest of all, and forms part of the boundary between Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. Named the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Town Park, the park is one of the largest urban parks in Singapore, and features lush greenery, banks of wildflowers, and a meandering river that stretches for 3km.
Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park
Many different species of flora and fauna can also be found in the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, making it an ideal location for nature lovers to visit.

Notable Properties in Ang Mo Kio

There are a few notable properties in Ang Mo Kio that are within close proximity to many amenities. Flora View, for one, is a fifteen minute walk away from Yio Chu Kang MRT Station and the future Lentor MRT, set to complete in 2020.
There’s also The Panorama, which is located next to Mayflower Primary School and also has a small convenience store nearby. This makes it a great place for families who intend to enrol their children in a nearby elementary school.
For those who value a wide range of transport options and close access to the main road, Belgrave Villas is another development that you can consider.
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