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Gerald Mugliston Estate
Gerald Drive, 797526, Seletar / Yio Chu Kang (D28)


Project Name

Gerald Mugliston Estate

project type

Semi-Detached House




999-year Leasehold


S$ 1,262 - S$ 2,326

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

Green Score
Transport Accessibility
Sustainable Building Awards

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About Gerald Mugliston Estate

Gerald Mugliston Estate
Gerald Mugliston Estate is a 999-year leasehold landed housing development located at Gerald Drive in District 28, Singapore. Completed in year 1990, Gerald Mugliston Estate comprises 11 units of 2-storey terrace, 12 units of 2-storey semi-detached houses and 7 units of 2-storey bungalows.

Gerald Mugliston Estate - Unique Selling Points
Gerald Mugliston Estate is located in the north east region of Singapore, a quiet residential area with lots of historical and cultural heritage. It is a sub-urban area with lush greenery and low-density housing estate. Gerald Mugliston Estate is a quiet and peaceful estate with mostly landed properties and bungalows. Nearby there is the Mugliston Park Playground which has ample space for the children to run around, it is a great place for residents and their children to unwind and have recreation activities. Gerald Mugliston Estate is just minutes-drive from major urban malls, where hosts of amenities such as supermarkets, banks, retail outlets, eateries, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment facilities are readily available. Residents can easily shop for their groceries and daily necessities from the nearby Giant supermarket, Sheng Siong supermarket and NTUC Fairprice outlets. There are also several educational institutions, both international and established local schools located in the vicinity, an ideal place for families.

Gerald Mugliston Estate -Accessibility
Gerald Mugliston Estate is in an area with excellent transportation facilities. There is a multitude of bus services meandering through the area. Bus stops are readily available in the vicinity. It also can be accessed by the rail system via Fernvale (0.60 km away), Layar (0.66 km away) and Tongkang (0.96 km away) LRT stations. Gerald Mugliston Estate is well-linked by roads and expressways. Residents with vehicles can travel via Central Expressway and Seletar Expressway to the Central Business District, Orchard Road Shopping belt and other parts of the city.

Gerald Mugliston Estate - Amenities & Attractions

Schools and Education Institute near Gerald Mugliston Estate:
  • Fernvale Primary School
  • Hougang Primary School
  • Sengkang Green Primary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Primary School
  • Anchor Green Primary School
  • Rosyth School
  • Fern Green Primary School
  • Palm View Primary School
  • Xinmin Primary School
  • Pei Hwa Secondary School
  • Hougang Secondary School
  • Xinmin Secondary School
  • Nan Chiau High School
  • Lycee Francais De Singapour

Clinics and Hospitals near Gerald Mugliston Estate:
  • Sengkang General Hospital
  • Woodbridge Hospital

Shops near Gerald Mugliston Estate:
  • Hougang One
  • Greenwich V
  • Seletar Mall
  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  • Rivervale Mall

Gerald Mugliston Estate - Project information
Gerald Mugliston Estate consists of 11 units of double storey terraced house, 12 units of double storey semi-detached house and 7 units of double storey bungalow. Each unit of the terraced houses comes with 4 bedrooms and a car porch which can park 2 cars. The ground floor housed the living room, dining room, kitchen and 1 bedroom. The 1st floor has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and 2 common bedrooms. For the semi-detached houses each has 5 bedrooms and a car porch which can park 2 cars. The ground floor housed the living room, dining room, kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 utility room. The 1st floor has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a junior master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and 2 common bedrooms. Each of the bungalows has 5 bedrooms and a car porch which can park at least 2 cars. The ground floor housed the living room, dining room, kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 utility room. The 1st floor has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a junior master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and 2 common bedrooms.

  • Project Name: Gerald Mugliston Estate
  • Type: Landed housing
  • District: 28
  • Configuration: 11 terraced, 12 semi-detached and 7 bungalows
  • Site area: N/A

Gerald Mugliston Estate – Nearby Projects
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Facilities & Amenities


  • Car Park

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
80 Gerald Drive (S) 797526N/AN/A
10A Jalan Kechubong (S) 797555N/AN/A
27A Jalan Kechubong (S) 797556N/AN/A
35A Jalan Kechubong (S) 797557N/AN/A
19C Jalan Kechubong (S) 797558N/AN/A
60A Jalan Kechubong (S) 797724N/AN/A
82 Gerald Drive (S) 799016N/AN/A
84 Gerald Drive (S) 799017N/AN/A
86 Gerald Drive (S) 799019N/AN/A
1 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799358N/AN/A
2 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799359N/AN/A
3 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799360N/AN/A
4 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799361N/AN/A
5 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799362N/AN/A
6 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799363N/AN/A
7 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799364N/AN/A
8 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799365N/AN/A
9 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799366N/AN/A
9A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799367N/AN/A
10 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799368N/AN/A
11 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799369N/AN/A
11A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799370N/AN/A
12 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799371N/AN/A
14 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799372N/AN/A
15 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799373N/AN/A
15A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799374N/AN/A
16 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799375N/AN/A
17 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799376N/AN/A
17A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799377N/AN/A
18 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799378N/AN/A
19 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799379N/AN/A
19A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799380N/AN/A
20 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799381N/AN/A
21 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799382N/AN/A
21A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799383N/AN/A
22 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799384N/AN/A
23 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799385N/AN/A
23A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799386N/AN/A
24 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799387N/AN/A
25 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799388N/AN/A
25A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799389N/AN/A
26 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799390N/AN/A
27 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799391N/AN/A
28 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799392N/AN/A
29 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799393N/AN/A
30 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799394N/AN/A
31 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799395N/AN/A
32 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799396N/AN/A
33 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799397N/AN/A
34 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799398N/AN/A
35 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799399N/AN/A
36 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799400N/AN/A
37 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799401N/AN/A
38 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799402N/AN/A
39 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799403N/AN/A
40 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799404N/AN/A
42 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799405N/AN/A
44 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799406N/AN/A
46 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799407N/AN/A
48 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799408N/AN/A
50 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799409N/AN/A
52 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799410N/AN/A
54 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799411N/AN/A
56 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799412N/AN/A
58 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799413N/AN/A
60 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799414N/AN/A
62 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799415N/AN/A
64 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799416N/AN/A
58A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799417N/AN/A
13 Jalan Kechubong (S) 799418N/AN/A
17B Jalan Kechubong (S) 799427N/AN/A
24A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799428N/AN/A
26A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799429N/AN/A
56A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799430N/AN/A
48A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799431N/AN/A
18A Jalan Kechubong (S) 799432N/AN/A
2 Gerald Crescent (S) 799686N/AN/A
2A Gerald Crescent (S) 799687N/AN/A
2B Gerald Crescent (S) 799688N/AN/A
2C Gerald Crescent (S) 799689N/AN/A
2D Gerald Crescent (S) 799690N/AN/A
2E Gerald Crescent (S) 799691N/AN/A
2F Gerald Crescent (S) 799692N/AN/A
3 Gerald Crescent (S) 799693N/AN/A
4 Gerald Crescent (S) 799694N/AN/A
4A Gerald Crescent (S) 799695N/AN/A
5 Gerald Crescent (S) 799696N/AN/A
6 Gerald Crescent (S) 799701N/AN/A
8 Gerald Crescent (S) 799703N/AN/A
8A Gerald Crescent (S) 799704N/AN/A
8B Gerald Crescent (S) 799705N/AN/A
8C Gerald Crescent (S) 799706N/AN/A
8D Gerald Crescent (S) 799707N/AN/A
8E Gerald Crescent (S) 799708N/AN/A
8F Gerald Crescent (S) 799709N/AN/A
8G Gerald Crescent (S) 799710N/AN/A
8H Gerald Crescent (S) 799711N/AN/A
1 Gerald Crescent (S) 799735N/AN/A
1A Gerald Crescent (S) 799736N/AN/A
1B Gerald Crescent (S) 799737N/AN/A
1C Gerald Crescent (S) 799738N/AN/A
2P Gerald Crescent (S) 799739N/AN/A
2Q Gerald Crescent (S) 799740N/AN/A
2R Gerald Crescent (S) 799741N/AN/A
2S Gerald Crescent (S) 799742N/AN/A
1 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799860N/AN/A
3 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799861N/AN/A
6 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799862N/AN/A
8 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799863N/AN/A
10 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799864N/AN/A
12 Bukit Mugliston (S) 799865N/AN/A
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